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Whatever Happened to My Transylvania Twist?

So I just finished reading the Twilight Series by Stephanie Meyers. I was getting desperate for something new to read, and since the two books I really want to read right now aren't in the library yet, and I knew I could find the series online I settled on Twilight. I really had no idea what the story was about before, but I had heard so many people say that they loved the books.
When I first started I was happy to note that the main character in the story is from Phoenix originally, honestly, when does Phoenix ever get any love? Never.
Now that I finished I have come to this conclusion, I didn't like these books. I kept reading and while I was reading I didn't really know why I continued. So I thought," that must be the mark of a good book, I want to finish it." I read all three of them. The whole time however, I kept thinking that it was sort of a strange concept for a book, and I just wanted it to get more exciting in other aspects and stop focusing so much on s…

Happy Easter!

I've always wondered why we decorate Easter eggs. Now I know. I decorated five yesterday. This was my first one. A holiday tradition I haven't engaged in since high school. Good times. Happy Easter everyone.

15 There's Still Time for You

Today is a very special day for my little blog. Not only is this my 100th blog post, it is also the two year anniversary of my first blog post. Allow me to reminisce on the events that brought me to blogging.
I had never really heard of blogs before and suddenly it seemed everyone around me had one. One night, Chelm let me write something on her blog, pretending to be her. I wrote about how she was going home to hear Nate speak in church since he had just gotten home from his mission. At the time the post seemed so funny to me, I was pretty sure I didn't sound anything like Chelm. The funniest part however, was that we tried to post it about four times, and it wouldn't show up. The next day Chelm looked at her blog and there was my post, in all its glory, pretty much taking up the page, it had posted about four times. Chelm left it like that for awhile, but I'm pretty sure that post no longer exists. But I thought, hey, I can do this blog thing.
Now, two years later, I have …

I Would Walk 500 Miles

I've decided to train for a marathon. I don't know that I'll actually run a marathon, but I'm going to train for one. I know what you're thinking, "what? Why? You hate running, and to do it if you might not even actually run a marathon... what's the point?" Well, there are two reasons actually.
1. I hate running. I always have. When I went to physical therapy and was informed that my spine is not properly shaped and therefore my body doesn't absorb shock correctly when I walk/run I used that as an excuse to not run for a long time. Its not like I am an inactive person. I love to swim, I love going to the gym and getting on the elliptical or doing weight training. I love play volleyball, basketball, baseball, tennis. I just don't run. I've always felt,however, that if I truly became a runner, then that would push me to the next level, totally transform my life you know. I don't like having excuses for not doing things, and I would like t…

Called to Serve

And now he is back. This is my brother Tyler. Yesterday he came back from his mission to Brazil Belem. I'm glad he's back, I've missed him. We are a team in this family, and I've been all alone doing our job for the past two years.
This is Tyler getting off the plane. He looks very happy.
This is a picture of Tyler and Aaron, my older bro, who also went to Brazil. Now they go around speaking Portuguese to each other (okay so they haven't done it that much yet, but Tyler hasn't been home that long...)
So yeah, my lil bro is back. Good times.