I Would Walk 500 Miles

I've decided to train for a marathon. I don't know that I'll actually run a marathon, but I'm going to train for one. I know what you're thinking, "what? Why? You hate running, and to do it if you might not even actually run a marathon... what's the point?" Well, there are two reasons actually.
1. I hate running. I always have. When I went to physical therapy and was informed that my spine is not properly shaped and therefore my body doesn't absorb shock correctly when I walk/run I used that as an excuse to not run for a long time. Its not like I am an inactive person. I love to swim, I love going to the gym and getting on the elliptical or doing weight training. I love play volleyball, basketball, baseball, tennis. I just don't run. I've always felt,however, that if I truly became a runner, then that would push me to the next level, totally transform my life you know. I don't like having excuses for not doing things, and I would like to be able to do everything. So I have to go about it the right way. I'm learning how to run correctly, and I am going to get there.
2. I like to be prepared. So, I may not be choosing to run a specific marathon right now, but at any given moment at the very end of my training I could run a marathon if anyone ever asked me to.
So, today was day one and you know what? I actually feel pretty good.


trentathon said…
Just wait until you start doing 18 mile training runs...
alirara said…
i hate running and actually will never do that. i think you are crazy. i only hate running for the same reason i hate exercising (i still do it though) it gets boring after awhile. especially because they only play stupid music in the gym and you need headphones to watch and listen to the tvs. first i thought the bikes were fun ...then the ellipticals...then the rowing machines...now i'm out of cardio equipment at the gym and on the weight sets i get distracted by my thoughts and just sit there thinking. in conclusion you should by me an ipod
alirara said…
i meant buy me an ipod
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