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Welcome to the Black Parade

This post is now going to delve far deeper into myself than any other post ever has, and probably ever will again. Please bear with me however, I have an important point I am wanting to make.
Lately I have been unhappy. That is all there is to it. I have been stressed, tired, worried, sad, and heartbroken. Everyday seems like a viscious cycle of this. I have had good friends that have been very kind to me throughout my selfish time of self disdain and introspection. Lately, I have been feeling like I need to get out and do some service. You know, everyone says that we need to learn to accept service from other people but 1) I've never been good at that, cause it makes me feel guilty because 2) if we allow it for too long it simply becomes self indulgence.
I knew I needed more than just small acts of service, although I do need to try and engage in those more often as well. I needed a large organized project to get my mind off of focusing negatively and inwardly and more on focusing…

Breakfast Bash

I love former presidents of the United States for several reasons:
1. Emancipation Proclamation
2. Crossing the Delaware
3. Constitution
4. Chopping Down Cherry Trees
5. Wooden Teeth
6. No SCHOOL!!!
What better way to celebrate two great leaders of this nation than with French toast? Um, zero. Sorry you missed it Nate, may your hunger pains constantly remind you of the breakfast you didn't have. Good thing you never read my blog anyway... oh well.

Arizona! Take off Your Rainbow Shades

She may be 95, but she doesn't look a day over 25. Happy Birthday Arizona!

Home... Where my Thoughts Escape Me

So I got to go home this weekend and revel in the delights of good home cookin', birthday cake, and watch as my brother became the last member of my immediate family to get baptized into the church.Isn't this cake amazing? Now you know where my mad cake decorating skillz come from. My mom.Oh the joys of birthday presents. Wouldn't you be this happy if you got a new toy car that you got to put together yourself?

Me with the newest member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Days Saints. Well, at least he was at the time... probably... Isn't he so cute?
Don't be jealous, not everyone can look this good. All in all, going home was great! Congratulations Jake! Eight is Great!

The Sun and the Moon

Due to the fact that some people won't update because I haven't... ahem... look, I'm updating!
Here are some pics from our fun time at the Clark Planetarium! I always knew I could be a weather girl. Look at the weather in Phoenix everyone!! Additionally, my hair looks really red in this picture, sort of crazy.
Oh no!! Its the kissing disease!!!Hmmm.... who knows what this means for me now!!!
I know you're all wondering how on earth I contracted said kissing disease.... well, now you know... I prefer the clean and simple type. Especially when they break themselves and their brother out of prison!

Good times.