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Nothing But Sincerity All Around

I found my camera cord so I have posted pics from the night of bliss. In other news, Happy Birthday Madalynn! I can't believe you're twelve years old and going into Young Womens. How grown up you've gotten!

Trent, Figure This One Out (Blog of Consequence)

Exactly three pumpkin desserts—Cobbler, Bread, and Pie— are being served during Lindsey's amazing pumpkin party during three different hours, 7 PM, 8 PM, and 9 PM. Each dessert is eaten at least once during the party but never by more than one person during a given hour. In each hour at least one dessert is eaten. Desserts are eaten one at a time. The following conditions apply:
At 7 Pumpkin Bread is eaten, and no dessert is eaten after it in that hour.
At 8 either Cobbler or Pie, but not both, is eaten, and no dessert is eaten after it in that hour.
At 9 either Cobbler or Bread, but not both, are eaten, and no dessert is eaten after it in that hour.
Which one of the following could be a complete and accurate description of the order in which the desserts are eaten at the party?
(A) 7: Pie, then Bread; 8: Pie; 9: Bread
(B) 7: Bread; 8: Cobbler, then Pie; 9: Pie, then Cobbler
(C) 7: Bread; 8: Pie; 9: Pie, then Cobbler
(D) 7: Cobbler, then Bread, then Pie; 8: Cobbler; Saturday: Cobbler
(E) 7…

Hey, Wait, Knock Me Down and I'll Get Up Again

I think William and Mary has officially been toppled by Boston College. Just so you all know. Oh, I can't find my camera cord... this concerns me because I am certain it is missing since I decided to put it in a "safe" place.
Two days to pumpkin bliss. Tell all your friends, and bring them. After all, it is the highlight of my year.
Today was interesting. Things change a lot in 48 hours. Odd.
C'est Tout! Well actually, I feel like writing some French prose, but I'll refrain for everyone's sake. I have been very bloggy lately, and I never say anything of consequence. I promise, the next post will be very consequential.

They Say That What Doesn't Kill Us Makes Us Who We Are

I got sick of looking at my failure. Today has been a weird day. I have random thoughts floating through my head and I don't really know how to sum them up...

The pumpkin party is on Saturday, and I am extremely excited for that. Everyone must come and pumpkin their little hearts out.
Hmm... today I've been thinking about things. Thinking how its so funny how life can change so quickly, in an instant, but we have to keep living life. Then I think its funny how the mind can play tricks on you. So you think you've moved on past something. The problem is that there are some things you don't want to move past, but you should. Then you think that things have worked out, but then you realize they haven't, and there isn't too much you can do about it. All we can do is keep breathing... and living, because just breathing in and of itself is not a very fulfilling life.
Probably that entire paragraph didn't make sense. I'm almost done with my undergrad. I have no id…

If I Fail, Well then I Fail...

And I failed... big time. Just so you know. So you don't ask me about it. Cause I don't want to talk about it. LSAT? I'm retaking it. The end.

I'll Express Myself With Ease


Happiness is Finding a Pencil

Sorry for my last negative blog post. Sometimes I just wish life would work out very quickly and easily. I forget that it doesn't. This past weekend was so great though. Conference was fantastic as usual. It has given me a lot to work on and change over the next six months until it all happens again. Saturday night I got to bond with Chelm and Kristin, and we made some delicious pumpkin souffles. I think we agreed they could be a bit more pumpkin-y, but overall, they were so light and delicious and full of pumpkin happiness, and Kristin shrieked a bit when I asked her to smell the pumpkin batter... and so, we enjoyed them much. As well as the first pilot episode of Leave it to Beaver. All I have to say is I'm glad they got a new Ward and a new Wally. And for Paul's sake... I'm glad they added a laugh track.
I also went to Sarah and Shena's for Octoberfest. It was good times, but I got too much chili in my bowl and couldn't finish it, and Andrea beat me at liar&#…

Chase This Light

I had a friend ask me recently if I had any special interestsright now. My reply was, I have no interest in anyone in my ward or classes right now. He was sad for me. I can't figure boys out. They suck that lucky feeling right out of me.

Tomorrow is Conference. I am glad. I love Conference. Not getting dressed for church, no endless meetings before and after, just chilling in my apt. eating some delicious Cinnamon Rolls and listening to the leaders of the church. Of course, going is sweet as well, and worth getting dressed for, but I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend, the opposite of last weekend.

I hate how the mind plays tricks on you, so sometimes you think that something that bothered you before doesn't anymore, but it actually does. I hate how this usually involves the male population for me. Stupid.

My 490 paper has proved to be a living nightmare. Why can't I just be a Euro-centric snob like everyone else? Lazy people. So, maybe I won't graduate, which is go…