Trent, Figure This One Out (Blog of Consequence)

Exactly three pumpkin desserts—Cobbler, Bread, and Pie— are being served during Lindsey's amazing pumpkin party during three different hours, 7 PM, 8 PM, and 9 PM. Each dessert is eaten at least once during the party but never by more than one person during a given hour. In each hour at least one dessert is eaten. Desserts are eaten one at a time. The following conditions apply:
At 7 Pumpkin Bread is eaten, and no dessert is eaten after it in that hour.
At 8 either Cobbler or Pie, but not both, is eaten, and no dessert is eaten after it in that hour.
At 9 either Cobbler or Bread, but not both, are eaten, and no dessert is eaten after it in that hour.
Which one of the following could be a complete and accurate description of the order in which the desserts are eaten at the party?
(A) 7: Pie, then Bread; 8: Pie; 9: Bread

(B) 7: Bread; 8: Cobbler, then Pie; 9: Pie, then Cobbler
(C) 7: Bread; 8: Pie; 9: Pie, then Cobbler
(D) 7: Cobbler, then Bread, then Pie; 8: Cobbler; Saturday: Cobbler
(E) 7: Cobbler, then Bread; 8: Pie, then Bread; 9: Bread

Yes, the pumpkin party was most delicious and amazing, and Chelm, I loved the bread pudding. I am however, extremely annoyed because I can't find my camera cord, and therefore, am unable to post the amazing photos I have. I am extremely tired, and don't feel like pulling everything off the shelf in my closet to see if I stuck it up there somewhere, so I think I'll go take a nap right now and then do that, so perhaps there will be photos up later... like maybe tomorrow.
So last night after the party Nate and I watched Planet Earth. Not the whole thing obviously, its extremely long, but some of it. I was amazed at the various different life forms that inhabit this earth and the way they are all designed to survive, and thrive, in the areas that they live in. As I watched I kept thinking, "How did He do it? It all just fits so perfectly together." It reminded me of the scripture in Alma when he says that all things denote there is a God. It was simply amazing, if you haven't seen Planet Earth you should, especially the part with the vampire squid from Hell... creepy.


wilbur said…
bad word, bad word!
Kristin said…
c'etait tres bien
trentathon said…
the answer to that, my friend, is C! ;) that was a well-done question let me tell you. you need to come to BC.
alirara said…
I agree Boston is like my most favorite place I've ever been. It is amazing. So much history I love it. Plus the Sox just won the world series for the 2nd time in 4 years. And they just swept the board didn't even let the Rockies in. That was good because then the Rockies would have stole the Diamondbacks underdog story of winning the world series. Any ways sorry this wasn't about your post.

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