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The Madness Continues

Well Duke is out, so is Gonzaga, and so is Texas. Why are we even watching anymore? Because we love basketball! Bukran's bracket is totally annihilating everyone else's. Lame, well here is hoping that the rest of my bracket doesn't get totally destroyed. The Zags UCLA game was probably the saddest of my life. I was hoping for another amazing finish like Texas had, and that didn't happen. But Texas got out on Saturday. I bet Sterling was so fun at his mission reunion after that.
In other news, my favorite people... you'd think that would be sarcasm... played a pretty good prank on my apartment this week. I'm not gonna lie, it was good. They broke in at about 3 in the morning and planted 6 mice in our apartment. Yeah that was Thursday, and we pretty much woke up the entire apartment complex. They will be destroyed. I don't care what Nate says, I could outprank him any day of the week, just wait and see. That magic is yet to come. Well its time for scripture st…

I'm so angry not really...

So I've tried to post a picture, and it didn't work. But Paul was mad that I hadn't made a new post yet, so here I am, updating it. So March Madness update, Nathan Carl Ross is supposed to fix some of my weak spots on my bracket because of the wonderful thing I did for him, man he so owes me big time. Besides that, my bracket is doing okay. The Zags are still going strong. As long as Morrison doesn't have any more weak sauce games we'll be fine. Duke will die. Thats all there is to it. So watch this weekend and pray that Gonzaga beats UCLA. And for Sterlings sake, GO TEXAS! Well, anyway, I do want them to play Duke because that would be so entertaining to see. Thats all for now. Maybe someday soon there will be a photo present here. Until then... nope.

I'm so cool now!!!

so yesterday I got my first taste of posting on a blog. Blogs always seemed so pointless to me before. If I want to tell people something I'll tell them when I see them. Yet, somehow, having my own blog makes me feel so rad. We'll see how long I can keep it up! Everyone come to my blog and read all about my exciting life... well when it gets exciting anyway, until then, come look at my blog and read it!