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White Days Like This I'd Never Miss

What a busy week it has been. I didn't think I'd survive the whole be up to be somewhere by 8 AM consistently every day thing, but it hasn't been so bad thus far, granted it has only been a week, but I thought I wouldn't survive Tuesday so this is a good sign. Work has been a little stressful, but I'm starting to get a vision for what I want to do to improve the Volunteer Care Clinic and perhaps even open up an internship with some BYU students for the fall...
I get home somewhere between 5:30 and 6:30 every night and then go to the gym, shower, study for the LSAT, and then go to bed. I'm pretty ready to have the LSAT over and done with in two weeks, and no matter what, I am not taking it again. If I say I' m going to, talk me out of it please.
It has been a pretty good week on the whole. Some highlights include:
My sweet LSAT study soundtrack, I'll let you know if it really paid off later
eating at Sammy's yesterday, they have good food
getting pa…

Я хочу любить Вас безумно

In which we discuss matters of the heart:
So let me just begin by quoting Gerald N. Lund from his conference talk this past April:
"Isn’t that something we all seek, brothers and sisters—to be visited by the Holy Ghost, to have the Lord draw closer to us, to find joy and consolation in our lives? If so, then carefully assessing the condition of our hearts is one of the most essential things we can do in this life.The heart is a tender place. It is sensitive to many influences, both positive and negative. It can be hurt by others. It can be deadened by sin. It can be softened by love. Early in our lives, we learn to guard our hearts. It is like we erect a fence around our hearts with a gate in it. No one can enter that gate unless we allow him or her to. In some cases the fence we erect around our hearts could be likened to a small picket fence with a Welcome sign on the gate. Other hearts have been so hurt or so deadened by sin that they have an eight-foot (2.5-m) chain-link fence …

Where You Lead, I Will Follow

So I have been pondering what to type about, because it seems that lately my posts have been lacking in the, "I really care to read this" department. Here are some things that have been floating around in my head.

1. Why do people remove friends from their Facebook friends list? I think this ruins the twofold purpose of Facebook, to officially declare relationships, and to see how many people will tell you happy birthday.

2. If you are going to go running outside, please wear more than 'hot pants,' that is incredibly terrifying to the poor unsuspecting victims who are just biking home from the grocery store. I mean really, nobody wants to see that, I don't care how "ripped" or "built" you are.

3. Why do people have to make dating so ridiculously hard?

4. Lil Renny and Rory Gilmore... the same person? In many ways the answer to that question is no, but in some ways, its yes.

The thing I have settled on writing about tonight however, is my friend Deb…

Put All Your Money in A Big Brown Bag

Yeah, my blog is just that amazing...

My blog is worth $3,951.78.
How much is your blog worth?

You Want To Go Back To Where You Felt Safe

Renny's Return to Provo, the Saga: Beginnings
So, Saturday night I had a classic Renny nervous breakdown, which ended in my not having a place to live come Monday evening. Monday morning began with the good bye of the siblings, beginning with Aaron at 6:40 AM, and ending with Tyler, who found my camera, thus starting the documentation of this journey.
I then spent the rest of the morning packing everything up, gathering together everything my dad was bringing up on Thursday, and getting my suitcases together for my flight that afternoon.
I arrived at Sky Harbor airport at 2:30 PM, checked my luggage, went through security, and sat at my gate, waiting, listening to music, and thinking its funny that Southwest's terminal isn't a little bit larger, since Phoenix is one of their main hubs...gate C18 is the same as C16, how weird is that? I boarded the plane, and then, there was a technical problem with one of the computers.On of the flight attendants was a juggler... ish. Anyway,…

Now That Shes Back From the Atmosphere

I arrived in Provo on Monday, Tuesday was filled with job interviewing, Wednesday with getting an apartment. Which I now have, ah la vie en rose. More to come later, much more. I am extremely tired and sunburnt right now. I just want my dad.

Love You Much Better

So Thursday my mom and I went shopping. She wanted to buy me a new suit as a graduation gift. We found a good one at JCPenny (thanks mom.) Then, of course, we needed to get shoes to go with it, so we went to Payless... and the shoe bug bit me, there were so many cute shoes there. So we ended up buying me four pairs of shoes... including these. I love them.
Then later I decided to shop around online to find an outfit to go with them. I found this. So cute. Unfortunately, it costs 50 pounds altogether, which is approximately $100... oh shopping bug, why dost thou afflict me so?
Monday is coming and I am glad. I am excited for my job interviews, meeting Minnie, hanging with Shushi, and not punching zoobies (sorry Todd, I've given that practice up, I was losing friends.) And maybe, someday, my new shoes will have a blue dress to be worn with.