White Days Like This I'd Never Miss

What a busy week it has been. I didn't think I'd survive the whole be up to be somewhere by 8 AM consistently every day thing, but it hasn't been so bad thus far, granted it has only been a week, but I thought I wouldn't survive Tuesday so this is a good sign. Work has been a little stressful, but I'm starting to get a vision for what I want to do to improve the Volunteer Care Clinic and perhaps even open up an internship with some BYU students for the fall...
I get home somewhere between 5:30 and 6:30 every night and then go to the gym, shower, study for the LSAT, and then go to bed. I'm pretty ready to have the LSAT over and done with
in two weeks, and no matter what, I am not taking it again. If I say I' m going to, talk me out of it please.
It has been a pretty good week on the whole. Some highlights include:
My sweet LSAT study soundtrack, I'll let you know if it really paid off later

eating at Sammy's yesterday, they have good food
getting paid today :)

the incredibly attractive guy that works at the RB info desk. Today he opened the door for me as I was leaving, the unfortunate thing about that, I had just come from the gym, poor guy, sad he had to look at me. I can never randomly see incredibly attractive guys when I'm looking my best... oh well.
Tonight I'm going to try and help my hair through its identity crisis, seriously, when someone is cutting your hair the last thing you want to hear at the end of the cut is," I gave you the Utah poof...haha..." I thought, "she must be joking. Seriously, you say things like that at the beginning of the cut, not the end. Besides, this is the worst possible time to give me a cut I don't want, I'm trying to patiently get through this phase of wanting to chop all my hair off to see if I can really grow it out." She wasn't joking, she actually gave me the Utah poof gone wrong. I know, I know, you didn't think it was possible. Each day has been a struggle to make my hair look like it belongs on the head of a human, but tonight I'm going to try and make it better, happier if you will. It'll be great, I'm excited for the end product actually. Remember the good ol' days, when it looked like this?
Tomorrow is Gil's bridal shower... I need to get her a gift. It will be great to see her though, and hear her magnificent laugh again. So that sums it up for me for now. I'm really just looking forward to the LSAT being done so I can once again have a life.


trentathon said…
My buddy works in the RB.
Renny said…
Trent, is your buddy tall and blond with really nice teeth? Because if so, he is highly attractive.
Steph said…
Not the Utah poof!! My friends and I call it Utah County hair and it is most unfortunate.
Chelsea said…
{2 comments in one}
"I once asked Po Bronson how he beats writer’s block. His answer was “write about what makes you angry.” It works like a charm."
~Tim Ferris

Wait a second, tall and blond, with nice teeth? Were you checking out my husband? ;)

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