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To the Summit

Happy Memorial Day everyone. Congratulations Megan and Bukran on their brand new baby Steven! Check out Bukran's blog to see photos of the little guy.Here are some pictures of recent events in my life. I don't yet have words for anything right now. Oh. I named my car Stella. I don't care what you say Alicia, Sharon isn't even a real name.

A Moment With Henry: Learn to Live With What You Are

So, my song of the week is usually describing my life and something that is happening and exactly how I feel about a certain situation. So, I've decided to introduce a new (and first) series to my blog entitled "A Moment with Henry." Most of the time I pick these songs during some sweet alone time with Henry, while we're listening to jams, and I begin pondering my life and how I feel about it. It won't be every song every week, but some thoughts for some of them that I may want to believe are more profound, or just something I need to put out there, get off my chest as it were.This week is "Learn to Live With What You Are" by Ben Folds. I simply adore this song, and have for many years now. I may or may not have listened to it on repeat last Friday while walking to the grocery store to buy some milk and lightbulbs. Anyway, I have a lot of thoughts about what this song means to me now, and I think its best expressed in a journal entry I wrote a few months…