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Oh how I love those American boys!
That's right, after moving heaven and earth, it finally happened. That is ME ladies and gents, with ANBERLIN!!! Thats right, WITH ANBERLIN!!! I love my life, and I love them.I can't even begin to describe the joy of last night. Meeting them, shaking Stephen Christian's hand, getting my vinyl signed, taking this picture, and then being front and center as they performed, beautiful. So Anberlin all I have to say is, some things in life are unforgettable, like love, loss, life, and us, some things are undeniable.

Click on this link because it will make someone I know very happy


This is for you A-Face

Um, I got a haircut, and my sister wanted me to put a pic of it on my blog. So I did.


Last night I went to one of the best concerts I have ever been to. Every band performed well and really kept the energy up. Props to Cobra Starship for their mad 70s techo-rock skillz. It was way good.This is a picture I took while Boys Like Girls was performing. They rocked, and I was so glad they performed "Thunder," because I love that song. Quietdrive was awesome too, and I was so glad they played "Time After Time." Then, the reason for the evening, CARTEL!!! They were so good, and my love for them grew. Favorite songs performed by them, "If I Fail," "Wonderwall," "Q," followed quickly with "A." My only problem with this concert?? Crowd Surfing should be banned. I think I got a concussion, and a massive bruise on my arm and head. Good music is pain I suppose.