Oh how I love those American boys!

That's right, after moving heaven and earth, it finally happened. That is ME ladies and gents, with ANBERLIN!!! Thats right, WITH ANBERLIN!!! I love my life, and I love them.

I can't even begin to describe the joy of last night. Meeting them, shaking Stephen Christian's hand, getting my vinyl signed, taking this picture, and then being front and center as they performed, beautiful. So Anberlin all I have to say is, some things in life are unforgettable, like love, loss, life, and us, some things are undeniable.


Bukran said…
Your life is now complete!

What exactly did you think of the show? Here's my take:

-Great energy on the part of every single band (especially Jonezetta), with the exception of Meg & Dia
-Molecularly destabilizing bass
-Efficient and quick transitions between bands
-Large venue
-The archetypal bass player for Jonezetta...here's to long hair and steel-toed boots!

-Too many douchebags who turned themselves into one man mosh pits
-Wayyyy too much pushing, not nearly enough dancing
-Sound levels for the bass and vocals at times just weren't quite right
-No drinking fountain
-Bayside was rather disappointing live
Lil Renny said…
I concur with your take of the concert. However you forgot one all encompassing pro. Anberlin exists.
TO said…
who's anberlin?
Lil Renny said…
Anberlin.... how do I describe them in one word? Amazing. Well, I posted a comment on your blog telling you a little more about them. So I guess thats all for now :)

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