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Tu ne passes pas!

It's that time of year again! You know, when I start having nightmares about finals.

In college the dream was that finals had come and there was one class I had forgotten to go to all semester and was now going to fail.

During my first two years of law school the dream changed to me heading home before finals, and wondering why it was that I had forgotten to take my finals, and for some reason I could not go back and take them.

This year, that dream now has a French twist. You see, until this morning I had no idea what my finals schedule WAS. Even though finals start the week after next.They aren't the best with the planning ahead business here... So last night I had a dream that I went home and told my parents they never emailed us the schedule because I didn't have to take any finals. Then I worried she would send me the schedule after my return and I'd have to fly back to France over Christmas break and take them. I think at some point she did send the schedule but …

Pour ma chère sœur

Dearest Madalynn,

Please read this entire post with an English accent. Once Mlle Fraley showed us an episode of Asterix and the British soldiers all spoke French with thick British accents. During their tea time something obnoxious was happening and one of them said in the snootiest accent possible, "Je dis!" It makes me laugh just thinking about it.

Anyway dear sister, I went to London on holiday and I know how much you love England, so I thought I'd write and tell you all about it.

I took the train from Paris North to the London St. Pancras station. The train was lovely and the food was delicious.

I sat next to some highly intelligent women. Upon my arrival at St. Pancras I pulled out my map to find my hotel, stepped outside and saw King's Cross Station. Well you know how much I love Harry Potter, so it made me quite happy to think I was so close to platform 9 and 3/4. You really ought to stop being such a prat and read Harry Potter. I cannot consider you a true ang…

Elle Vend des Coquillages Par la Mer

When I started law school my interest in finding or creating my signature scent of perfume died along with many other interests and hobbies of mine, such as dating, happiness, and joy.

Now that I'm in France I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to search for that great signature scent, and I have found it, in St. Malo, at a store called Divine. They have an online website where you can check out their perfumes. They are cher, but the one I purchased, l'Infante, smells so good. It is made right in Dinard, next to St. Malo, which may quite possibly be my most favorite place in the entire world. I bought some at their shop in Paris today, and after I purchased the bottle and was leaving the woman asked if I'd like her to perfume me. I think I should use that on someone some day. Sounds serious. "Perfume me." Ha. I let her. She sprayed way more than I ever would, but I smell good.

After spending Monday and Tuesday at Mont St. Michel and St. Malo I know witho…