Elle Vend des Coquillages Par la Mer

When I started law school my interest in finding or creating my signature scent of perfume died along with many other interests and hobbies of mine, such as dating, happiness, and joy.

Now that I'm in France I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to search for that great signature scent, and I have found it, in St. Malo, at a store called Divine. They have an online website where you can check out their perfumes. They are cher, but the one I purchased, l'Infante, smells so good. It is made right in Dinard, next to St. Malo, which may quite possibly be my most favorite place in the entire world. I bought some at their shop in Paris today, and after I purchased the bottle and was leaving the woman asked if I'd like her to perfume me. I think I should use that on someone some day. Sounds serious. "Perfume me." Ha. I let her. She sprayed way more than I ever would, but I smell good.

After spending Monday and Tuesday at Mont St. Michel and St. Malo I know without a doubt that after I get all my student loans paid off I've got to find me a beach and live there forever. Maybe I'll move to St. Malo. There are very few things in life that make me happier than sandy beaches, an ocean, and clean, fresh, salty sea air. I hadn't even realized how used I had gotten to the dirtiness of Paris and Cergy until I was outside of it and feeling the filth blowing away with each gust of delicious fresh wind.

Now I have my parfum. The good news is I can get a refill on the bottle for a cheaper price than I paid for it. Maybe this fragrance will help me get back into that other thing I've stopped doing: going on dates and finding myself a man. One can only believe that she will spend her entire life being a single woman with her own land wherein she will own one dog and several horses to help avoid the abject misery of the continous lonliness that has plagued her for her entire life for so long before spritzing on some great perfum, plastering a smile on her face and touching a guy's arm while  talking to him. Except not in France. Flirting in a foreign language is too difficult, despite what you might think about French men.
 On the rampart inside the wall of the old fortress, St. Malo.
 Ooooh water and sand I love you. This is me, permitting you to see how much weight I've gained since coming here. That is a special level of friendship we've reached folks.
 View of St. Malo from further out on the sometimes shore, sometimes sea.
 That is the outpost we were walking to. In the morning it was surrounded by water. The tide recedes quickly here.

 Cows in Normandy. They were furrier, and their eyes looked funny.
 Mont St. Michel. We were a little worried about the car washing away because we weren't sure of the moon's cycle, but we were safe, and we could walk out there.
 Spire on top of the Abbey.
 Heavenly couds. The archangel Michael did tell the Bishop of the church in Avranches to build this Abbey.
 View from the Abbey.
 I'd like to ride a horse out there, unless the tide came in suddenly.
 Facade of the Abbey. Recently rebuilt in the 1700s (I think that's what they said.)
 The choir, as I sat in the knave (yeah I'm learning my church lingo.)
Garden above the cloisters.
 This seagull decided to take flight just as I took this picture.
 Mont Saint Michel all lit up like a magical castle.
 This is how the tide was in the morning. When we could not walk out to those out posts.
Statue of a soldier that fought to protect St. Malo during a war (I'm not sure which one there was no plaque, just an old man who told his grandson about a soldier during the guerre.)


Regan said…
I love your pictures and your stories. So beautiful. And you look great. And I hope your signature scent makes your dreams come true. :-)
Anonymous said…
My dad, (your grandfather), was in France during WWII and he went to Mont St. Michel and sent home a postcard to my mother, (your grandmother), which she kept and showed to me when I was young. The picture was like a painting and the tide was high and the waves were crashing all about the fortress. It is weird how that painting has always haunted me somehow. It is neat to see the real pictures of it. Your dreams will come true. I love you.
Love, Mom
Ruth said…
Thank you for sharing! and I agree you do look wonderful! Adventure looks good on you!

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