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Note to Self

You know how sometimes as a kid you write a letter to yourself that you're supposed to read ten years later or whatever? Well, I think today, I'm going to write my 14 year old self back.

Dear Lindsey,
Hey how is it going? Happy Birthday! The big 1-4! Enjoy the rest of eighth grade! Thanks for the letter, I enjoyed it, I'm glad you say things like, "when life gives you lemons, make brownies." That is good stuff.

I'm just remembering what life was like ten years ago, and I'd like to give you some advice if I could. High school is rough, but you're going to make it through. It really is okay that you'll end up spending most of your weekends watching "What Not to Wear" with your mom. Don't worry, once you get to college you'll make real friends. Just try to remember that most of the things you worry about in high school just really don't matter, and about five minutes after high school ends you're going to forget all about it be…

A Moment with Henry: Chanson de l'Annee

My birthday is on Thursday, which means it is time for me to pick a new song of the year.

See, every year I pick a theme song for myself, a song I can listen to when I want to remember what I'm working on right now, and who I already am, and remembering who I want to become. This past year was "Alexythemia" by Anberlin. Sort of a no brainer, I mean, the age was right there in the song, "are you where you thought you'd be? So beautiful and only 23."

For Twenty four I have chosen "Something Left to Give" by The Starting Line. I love this song because the expression, to me is that I have realized that I have a lot to give. I have also been  given a lot as well. Furthermore, as I continue forward in life I'm going to discover that I have so much more that I haven't given yet, but that I will. The world is my oyster, as it were.

I've got stars in my great big sky
I shall gaze upon without leaving small ones behind,
because they're harder to …

With So Much to Say, but No Words to Convey...

This is the problem with not blogging for a long time, I have a lot I want to say, and I just don't know where to start, or what to focus on. So here is a list:

1) My sister's birthday was on Saturday. She is now twenty one. I blogged about her awesomeness here. Love you Alicia Face.

2) It is October, and it is BEAUTIFUL here. I have been celebrating the wonder of October every single day, and it has been such a great celebration. Haunted corn mazed, ward activity with a pig roast, going to a pumpkin festival this weekend, fall break from school yesterday and today... amazing.

3) I am writing a children's story. Its almost done, then I will post it on here.

4)ANBERLIN on Nov. 6 I am happy and sad at the same time. Happy that I am going, sad that Nate won't be there. I've never seen them without him, and they aren't going to Salt Lake on this tour...

5) I have my first midterm this week. I'm a little nervous (and by little I mean a lot.) I've been studying an…