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Evolutionary Game Theory

One of the most interesting phenomenons of the LSAT comes during the break, when the men's restroom has a long line, and the women's restroom doesn't.
So the LSAT is now done, I think I did awful. This is good, because then, once I find my score, if I did awful I'm not shocked, and if I did well I will be pleasantly surprised.
The LSAT is done, the advent of Henry in my life has made my world complete, and now it is fall. I love the fall, people accept my love of pumpkin, it rains more, the leaves change colors, I get to wear sweaters, and as the days to the pumpkin party draws ever near I am filled with more joy and excitement at it's arrival.
This semester has been so fun because my sister is now also here. Here is a picture of us at the first football game, I scored a ticket.
As this semester continues on, I am currently working on my capstone research paper, and getting my law school applications. Law School top hopefuls: William and Mary, UC Berkely, BYU, and mayb…

Together We're Invincible

If you can't handle the atmosphere of concerts don't go. That is all I have to say. I wish I had said it to the girl standing in front of me at the Muse concert last night. Instead I began plotting her downfall, but since I don't know her name or where she lives, I suppose she has escaped her terrible fate... for now. Aside from her constant rants and shoving backwards, causing me to fall into the people behind me, who then shoved me back into her to illicite her annoyingly dirty looks, the Muse concert was... amazing.
This was definitely a very high budget concert. There was a sweet light show, explosions after certain songs, and his guitar was glittery and lit up. Like, an actual light in his guitar.
Underneath the spectacular "special effects," you could tell that Matthew Bellamy is a guy who just wants to get out there and rock. So rock he did. On the guitar and the piano. Butterflies and Hurricanes was amazing. I would post a video of it... but it all sounds …

Its the Simple Things in Life

I couldn't sleep tonight, big surprise right? In response to your question mom, I don't use that stuff on Sunday and Tuesday nights for fear I will over sleep and miss my 11 AM class. Clearly sleep and I need to work on our relationship...
At about 11:52 PM I realized I was dreadfully hungry. My predicament? Our microwave is broken, so my oatmeal and hot cocoa diet has been severely lacking. I currently have no cereal and no bread, and so, there was nothing for it. I made a pizza on Monday, but I didn't want that either. So I decided to make my hot cocoa and oatmeal on the stovetop.
First the cocoa. I have to admit, although I am taking a cooking class, in which we discussed the proper use of measuring cups, I am still anti measuring in some cases, so I didn't pour in enough milk, causing my cocoa to be super chocolate-y. Due to the fact that I purposely put in less sugar than the recipe calls, it was a half a mug of dark chocolate heaven, pleasing to my poor palate whic…

Running Crazy 8s Round the Track

What a day yesterday turned out to be. It was the first day of class, fortunately it was a Tuesday, when I only have one class so it was very lovely. I went to work, I now TA for professor Choate, whom I love, so its pretty much going to be great! Then I studied for a bit. Then I went to ASL. I'm a little concerned about having skipped 102, but I think it'll be okay.Then last night I went and saw MAE in concert. I love them so much. First of all, I need to give props to Dear and the Headlights, who had their set cut short because of the power outage, and gave a mini acoustic set instead. It was pretty sweet. Then As Tall As Lions came out and they were rockin' pretty much the whole time. Then... MAE... I love MAE. That is all I have to say. It was most certainly a multisensory asthetic experience. They are so rockin' live, they just don't stop. I was so happy because they played Waiting, my favorite song from their new album, and they also played The Ocean and Susp…