Running Crazy 8s Round the Track

What a day yesterday turned out to be. It was the first day of class, fortunately it was a Tuesday, when I only have one class so it was very lovely. I went to work, I now TA for professor Choate, whom I love, so its pretty much going to be great! Then I studied for a bit. Then I went to ASL. I'm a little concerned about having skipped 102, but I think it'll be okay.

Then last night I went and saw MAE in concert. I love them so much. First of all, I need to give props to Dear and the Headlights, who had their set cut short because of the power outage, and gave a mini acoustic set instead. It was pretty sweet. Then As Tall As Lions came out and they were rockin' pretty much the whole time.

Then... MAE... I love MAE. That is all I have to say. It was most certainly a multisensory asthetic experience. They are so rockin' live, they just don't stop. I was so happy because they played Waiting, my favorite song from their new album, and they also played The Ocean and Suspension. Then in their encore they did Sun and Someone Else's Arms. It was incredible. I almost caught a drumstick. But I did get to hold one of the guitars for a bit after the show. He just set it on the stage and we sort of grabbed for it. It was quite the triumphal return to the Avalon, which is still my favorite venue. Life is good.


trb48 said…
Anonymous said…
You have such an exciting life! I'm glad things are so good. Isn't it weird to think that it was just over four months ago that we lived at the Brittany? Life keeps moving.
BitterTea said…
Lindsey. We should plan for a big reunion type thingy with me, you, deborah, lauren, jenna, and your sister. Because I demend it to be so! Let us find a weekend that will be convenient.

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