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In My Life I've Loved Them All

I felt it was time for a massive blog change. Today I went to the temple. This walk is always nostalgic to me because I cut through campus and walk through Heritage and DT. Anyone who has lived in DT can attest, that area of campus has a certain scent, which can only be described as "Freshman Year." I hit the bottom of the hill and all the memories came flooding back at the sight of those teal gables.
I remember my arrival here in Provo, it was raining, it was so cold, and my family left me alone in my room. I was terrified. What if my roommate hated me? What if everyone on the floor hated me? What if I failed all my classes? What if college really didn't turn out to be better than high school??? Here I am three years later. It turned out that I couldn't have asked for a better roommate, and I did make friends with other people on my floor, and I didn't fail my classes, and college really is MUCH better than high school. My undergraduate experience at BYU has thusf…

Must Have Done Something Right

Now that my internet is working again... here is the update I promised Chelm! This is very picture-y. So I hope you are all down wit' dat.
So a few weeks ago we had a black tie party. The first pic is Matt, creator of drinks. The second is me, drinker of drinks. It was lots of fun.Then, last week for FHE we went to Salt Lake to go to a Benton Paul concert. I decided he is amazing. Click on his name to check him out.Then last Thursday the lovely ladies of Allred three had a fiesta. This first pic is me, just before I pinned the tail on the donkey. I was amazing and got it right on! the one just below is me and Melissa, we love fiestas!

Then this past weekend I went camping with some peeps from my ward. So, random pic of me, then us ladies checking the stew, then Lindsay Brown, new RS pres. of RS 2, I am her new 1st counselor. Then Caleb, perfecting the s'mores by heating the graham and chocolate. It wasn't just ordinary chocolate either... no, mine had a Reese's PB cup on…

Top Ten Reasons Why My Mom is the Coolest

10) She didn't get mad when I told her I want to go to France, and she was supportive and an asset in my going to Hawaii.
9) She buys me presents, like my mattress topper.
8) She likes to have fun, and endures us when we tease her for some of the funny things she says and does.
7) She always says, "Tell me everything," and means it.
6) She read us "Where the Wild Things Are," and "Make Way for Ducks," when we were little.
5) She read the scriptures with us when we were little
4) She is very smart and is always teaching us things about the gospel.
3) She is humble, and sets a good example for me of how to be.
2) She believes that I can do anything I put my mind to.
1) She is a good example of someone who has charity.

My mom's birthday was yesterday, and I'm very glad she was born. I'm also very glad she is my mom, because she is the coolest. I know many of you are jealous that your mom isn't as cool as mine. Its sad really, that there can be only…