In My Life I've Loved Them All

I felt it was time for a massive blog change. Today I went to the temple. This walk is always nostalgic to me because I cut through campus and walk through Heritage and DT. Anyone who has lived in DT can attest, that area of campus has a certain scent, which can only be described as "Freshman Year." I hit the bottom of the hill and all the memories came flooding back at the sight of those teal gables.
I remember my arrival here in Provo, it was raining, it was so cold, and my family left me alone in my room. I was terrified. What if my roommate hated me? What if everyone on the floor hated me? What if I failed all my classes? What if college really didn't turn out to be better than high school???
Here I am three years later. It turned out that I couldn't have asked for a better roommate, and I did make friends with other people on my floor, and I didn't fail my classes, and college really is MUCH better than high school.
My undergraduate experience at BYU has thusfar been a singular and fantastic experience. I'll never forget the Brittany, going to Hawaii, "make plate", "Be the Reds!" the happiness of a blinking red light, walking to movies 8, movies of our lives, sipping, breakfast bashes, pumpkin parties, my first kiss, "tell me all your problems," watching and quoting "You've Got Mail," and "The Sound of Music," three hour long lunches in the Morris Center, "merci," awesome concerts, meeting Anberlin, hiking the Y, water skiing, the list goes on and on.
So as Jake White sings, "so you can think of this journey as a walk down memory lane, see the rough times that lead you to the right times that make it worth all the pain. The wind still blows the strongest tree, that same wind will carry me, when I set my fears aside, there's still a voice inside. When the storms are gone, the sun can find me."
Now I am embarking upon my last semester at BYU, I'm planning on going to France for a bit after I graduate, and I'm hoping against hope I get into William and Mary, which means moving to Virginia. Or maybe I'll just get married... Whatever happens, whenever I come back to that hill I'll be overcome briefly by all the memories that accompany that smell. The smell of college, the smell of life, and how awesome it truly can be. I wouldn't trade it for anything else in the world.


Chelsea said…
Love the new look. I came to your blog to tell you about changing the template, and the first things I noticed were that you had updated and the picture from China Grove, I mean Aspen Grove. Then I noticed that you changed your template. It just "looks so natural". "We'll always have DT" . . . Too bad that's not true since they are ripping it apart. Way to put my tender heart in a blender.
Chelsea said…
Oh, by the way, I was not trying to say "Way to put my tender heart in a blender" to you and blame you for anything. I meant the DT-destroyers in general.
Christina said…
good post. it's been good life.
Anonymous said…
*it's been A good life. This is Kristin, by the way, not Christina.
trb48 said…
The funny thing about that picture is that I know a ton of the people. Life is funny. We are so anxious for what we are doing to end, we forget to enjoy it. I fled Provo, to be quiet honest. After I was gone, I could see things clearly. I actually enjoyed Provo. There were a few situations I needed to get out of, and those situations clouded everything.

Make sure you look through clouds before you leave.
Bukran said…
I believe that smell emanates from the garbage compacters in the back of the Morris Center...

I had a similar epiphany when I saw W-Hall being torn down.

William and Mary? Nice. I apologize again for my blunt decision to not pursue a career in law. I'm super excited for your journey down that educational/career path, however.

My blog? Yeah, sometime I'll update it.
Chelsea said…
Remember when that one dude took the picture diagonally with my camera? I am not sure if I have that one still, because he took two and that one on your blog is from mine, I think. . . He was being so artistic.

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