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Sing Like You Think No One's Listening


I Need a Fix in Those Heroine Eyes

Oh. My. Anberlin.
I just can't...
I don't even know where to start.
So I'll try the beginning, but just know that words cannot describe how I am feeling right now...
The evening started off with There for Tomorrow. A band I hadn't heard of until about a week and a half ago, but I've been listening to their music all week to get into the mood, and they'reway good, so I'd suggest listening to their music. They were good live too. I didn't get very good pictures of them since we were still pretty far back at that point, but I approve. After the show was over I bought one of their shirts and the lead singer was standing by the merch table so I asked him to sign it, and he agreed. It was sweet.
Then there was Straylight Run. I really liked listening to them gearing up for the concert, but we were all just a little confused because someone was missing from the band. One of the lead singers. Who sings half of the songs. Some of which are my very favorite. They did …

The Hurricane I'll Never Outrun

Last Saturday I went to the X96 show. Let me just say... people are freaks... but it was still fun. This post is basically a bunch of pictures I took. However, there are certain things pictures can't capture. Like singing the National Anthem with Ludo, or me catching a pick that the guitarist from Atreyu threw out into the audience, or the guitarist from Hawthorne Heights thinking the lead singer said, "vote for the white guy," instead of "vote for the right guy."... but, here are a few things I did capture.
The lead singer from Ludo. He made the most awesome faces.
The lead singer from Trapt, near the end of their set. He was feeling it... clearly.
Jack's Mannequin. I adore this band. That man at the piano is amazing. Frenchy said he is like a young Billy Joel. I don't really agree with that... but I am impressed that Frenchy knows who Billy Joel is.

Hawthorn Heights makes people want to crowd surf. Over and over again...Hawthorne Heights likes watching th…