Must Have Done Something Right

Now that my internet is working again... here is the update I promised Chelm! This is very picture-y. So I hope you are all down wit' dat.
So a few weeks ago we had a black tie party. The first pic is Matt, creator of drinks. The second is me, drinker of drinks. It was lots of fun.Then, last week for FHE we went to Salt Lake to go to a Benton Paul concert. I decided he is amazing. Click on his name to check him out. Then last Thursday the lovely ladies of Allred three had a fiesta. This first pic is me, just before I pinned the tail on the donkey. I was amazing and got it right on! the one just below is me and Melissa, we love fiestas!

Then this past weekend I went camping with some peeps from my ward. So, random pic of me, then us ladies checking the stew, then Lindsay Brown, new RS pres. of RS 2, I am her new 1st counselor. Then Caleb, perfecting the s'mores by heating the graham and chocolate. It wasn't just ordinary chocolate either... no, mine had a Reese's PB cup on it. Just below is Kaylie, who thoroughly enjoyed hers.

The next day we headed off to the ward boating activity. Pics go like this: Theresa and I in the boat, Matt, skiing with one ski, he was amazing. Then Matt after coming out of the cold water. He kept shivering, so I gave him my towel, which he wrapped around his head, sort of resembling a nun... Then the bottom pic is me!!! I came so close to standing all the way up in the water. It was so fun!

Then Saturday night, Heidi came over so we could play one last time before she went to California. So she was at my apt, and Matt called and asked if I wanted to go with him to the play his brother Christian was in. So we went, and when we were there we ran into Nate, since Christian is his brother too, and the group of peeps he was with. So after the play we went back to Matt's apt and made pizza. So, the first pic is Heidi and I being silly at the play, then Rob, whom I am pretty certain thought I was crazy for taking this pic, then Nate, sitting between Heidi and Sarah so he could flirt with them properly.

That is my life. Now, I'm off to take a final today, and then school will be done for a few weeks. Hooray!!


Chelsea said…
Hey thanks, man.

No matter how many times I have tried, I have never been able to water ski. I started young, too (maybe age 7), so you would think that that would have helped me. Nope.
Chelsea said…
Way to wear your 51st ward shirt at your new ward's activity. I'm not trying to make you feel bad, I promise. I just noticed it and thought it was funny.
Lil Renny said…
I actually consciously chose to wear that shirt... I wondered if anyone else would notice. I'm glad I could count on you :)
Alicia said…
Lindsey It is only 10 more days until I move up there!
Kristin said…
I'm glad you're having such a full summer! (look at us have lives outside of the Brittany)
Kristin said…
It was only the "summer of love" because I was in a loving mood when I wrote the post" I don't really have any updates.
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