Its the Simple Things in Life

I couldn't sleep tonight, big surprise right? In response to your question mom, I don't use that stuff on Sunday and Tuesday nights for fear I will over sleep and miss my 11 AM class. Clearly sleep and I need to work on our relationship...
At about 11:52 PM I realized I was dreadfully hungry. My predicament? Our microwave is broken, so my oatmeal and hot cocoa diet has been severely lacking. I currently have no cereal and no bread, and so, there was nothing for it. I made a pizza on Monday, but I didn't want that either. So I decided to make my hot cocoa and oatmeal on the stovetop.
First the cocoa. I have to admit, although I am taking a cooking class, in which we discussed the proper use of measuring cups, I am still anti measuring in some cases, so I didn't pour in enough milk, causing my cocoa to be super chocolate-y. Due to the fact that I purposely put in less sugar than the recipe calls, it was a half a mug of dark chocolate heaven, pleasing to my poor palate which hasn't enjoyed it's night cap in about a week.
Then the oatmeal. Since I didn't want to dirty two pans I just used the same one, and since its late and I'm tired, I didn't wash it. So, my oatmeal had a cocoa flavor, it was probably the best oatmeal I've eaten in a long time. In the end I was grateful that I had opted for the stove top. It takes longer yes, but the result: pure happiness.


Chelsea said…
Is your BYU-h class still on your Blackboard? Cuz all my BYU-H classes still are and they are also on there twice. I don't know what to do but it kind of annoys me.
Chelsea said…
Have you seen those posters for the Bookstore Progressive Sale that have Bro. McMurtrey on them??
Chelsea said…
Sorry I am leaving comments that are completely unrelated to the post.
I feel I should make an attempt . . . I have not been eating as much oatmeal lately. I suppose that after about three years of eating it mostly everyday with few exceptions finally took its toll and made me a little sick of it.

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