Evolutionary Game Theory

One of the most interesting phenomenons of the LSAT comes during the break, when the men's restroom has a long line, and the women's restroom doesn't.
So the LSAT is now done, I think I did awful. This is good, because then, once I find my score, if I did awful I'm not shocked, and if I did well I will be pleasantly surprised.
The LSAT is done, the advent of Henry in my life has made my world complete, and now it is fall. I love the fall, people accept my love of pumpkin, it rains more, the leaves change colors, I get to wear sweaters, and as the days to the pumpkin party draws ever near I am filled with more joy and excitement at it's arrival.
This semester has been so fun because my sister is now also here. Here is a picture of us at the first football game, I scored a ticket.

As this semester continues on, I am currently working on my capstone research paper, and getting my law school applications. Law School top hopefuls: William and Mary, UC Berkely, BYU, and maybe Chicago... somewhere. Other than that I just want you to know that there is going to be a Conference Breakfast Bash on Saturday, at 9:30, so you are all invited. Be in the Provo area, come to my apartment, eat and watch Conference.


Kristin said…
I love sisters
Aaron said…
Nope. I am going to the Conference Weekend Mega-Bash in Tucson.
trb48 said…
What if I were a crazed pumpkin hater. You just invited me over for breakfast. That could have been a bad move on your part!
Steph said…
Who is Henry?
Pumpkins rule.
wilbur said…
Alicia's hair looks kinda green in this pic. And Linds' hair is really shiny.

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