Pour ma chère sœur

Dearest Madalynn,

Please read this entire post with an English accent. Once Mlle Fraley showed us an episode of Asterix and the British soldiers all spoke French with thick British accents. During their tea time something obnoxious was happening and one of them said in the snootiest accent possible, "Je dis!" It makes me laugh just thinking about it.

Anyway dear sister, I went to London on holiday and I know how much you love England, so I thought I'd write and tell you all about it.

I took the train from Paris North to the London St. Pancras station. The train was lovely and the food was delicious.

I sat next to some highly intelligent women. Upon my arrival at St. Pancras I pulled out my map to find my hotel, stepped outside and saw King's Cross Station. Well you know how much I love Harry Potter, so it made me quite happy to think I was so close to platform 9 and 3/4. You really ought to stop being such a prat and read Harry Potter. I cannot consider you a true anglophile until you do so.

I found my hotel, set my backpack on my bed and left to take the tube to the theatre. The London tube is the cleanest public transportation system I have ever been on. The trax system in Utah would win, but it always smelled faintly of urine.

I exited the tube at Leicester (Lee-sta) Square onto Charing Cross Road and Wyndam Theatre was on my left. Driving Miss Daisy was playing there with James Earl Jones, so I bought a ticket to that evening's show.

The play was quite charming. After the show I wandered about China town for a bit and bought some dresses for Shyanne and Jayda. I am hoping they will fit, I bought them a size larger than the woman told me to get just to make sure. Then I ate a bacon, avocado, tomato, and lettuce sandwich and walked along the Thames where I took pictures of the London Eye and Big Ben.
 Liam found Big Ben quite enjoyable.

The London Eye was lovely, Liam quite liked it. It is supposed to be the Eiffel Tower of London. The Eiffel Tower is a bit more impressive and much more brightly lit at night, but the Eye was still lovely.

I returned to my room for the evening and tried to sleep, but my hotel window was not very efficient  at blocking out sound. The next day I left the hotel and stopped at Starbucks on Tavistock Square for a Peppermint Hot Chocolate and a Skinny Lemon Poppyseed Muffin for breakfast. After that I went to the Tower of London and walked across the Tower Bridge.

After the Tower Bridge I went to Shakespeare's Globe Theatre to take a tour of the place where Shakespeare did not perform his plays (because that one burned to the ground and had a bridge built over it.)

After the theatre I simply walked about the town taking pictures of things I thought you would like to see, such as Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, a squirrel, and a telephone booth among other things.
 St. Paul's Cathedral

 When I think of Oliver Cromwell, I think of a horrible person. When the British think of him, they think, "let us build a statue in his honor!"

 I would like to point out that on Richard the Lionheart's statue the British wrote "Cœur de Lion." That's correct, it is written in French.

 The changing of the guard only happens on odd days so I did not get to watch it. Sorry dear sister.

I went to the National Gallery after walking down the Mall in London and enjoyed some of the artwork.
Until a lovely elderly gentleman told me that I was not allowed to take pictures in there. Then I went to the cafe and bought a hot chocolate and a scone.

I then took the tube to Picadilly Circus and considered going in to Ripley's Believe it Or Not! Until I saw the price of tickets for entrance.

From Picadilly Circus I returned to St. Pancras and took the train back to Paris. It was quite a jolly holiday, and one day you and I simply must travel there together.
Now go read Harry Potter you lousy git.


Kyla Lewis said…
I'm glad to see you're living it up over there. Have fun!
Madalynn said…
Nice squirrel picture :O
And we should defs go.
Lindsey Hubble said…
holy cow!!! beautiful!!! SO glad you were able to go and have been able to experience everything!! You deserve it!

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