Last night I went to one of the best concerts I have ever been to. Every band performed well and really kept the energy up. Props to Cobra Starship for their mad 70s techo-rock skillz. It was way good.
This is a picture I took while Boys Like Girls was performing. They rocked, and I was so glad they performed "Thunder," because I love that song.
Quietdrive was awesome too, and I was so glad they played "Time After Time."
Then, the reason for the evening, CARTEL!!! They were so good, and my love for them grew.
Favorite songs performed by them, "If I Fail," "Wonderwall," "Q," followed quickly with "A." My only problem with this concert?? Crowd Surfing should be banned. I think I got a concussion, and a massive bruise on my arm and head. Good music is pain I suppose.


alirara said…
that guy looks like he has a really shiny halo!
Mom said…
'"Q" quickly followed with "A"' ? That just sounds funny. What happened to "xyz"?
Glad you had fun. I warned you about crowd surfing!
Lil Renny said…
You told me not to crowd surf, and I didn't. I think its stupid and I wish everyone else would stop. Q and A makes sense because Q is the Question and A is the Answer... geez mom thats embarrassing.
BitterTea said…
Did I ever tell you my freshman year at the U, my roomate, shawn and I went to see some band and Cartel was their opening act, and we were literally the only three people there? Good times.
Lil Renny said…
Did you like Cartel, cause we thought they delivered a great performance. And I bought my ticket cause I like their music... And I love Boys Like Girls and like Quietdrive. I had high expectations for this show and it delivered.
Aaron said…
Umm, did any of the bands play original songs? I know that they have some.
Lil Renny said…
Yes... I listed some of them. Don't be dumb
BitterTea said…
they were pretty good. I actually saw them a second time last year and Panic at the Disco was opening for them. Its funny because I thought Panic at the Disco was one of the worst live acts I had ever seen and I thought there was no way they would get big. hahaha. Sad.I still hate them.
Lil Renny said…
Yeah I heard Panic wasn't very good live. I do like some of their songs though cause their lyrics are so marvelous.

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