To the Summit

Happy Memorial Day everyone. Congratulations Megan and Bukran on their brand new baby Steven! Check out Bukran's blog to see photos of the little guy.
Here are some pictures of recent events in my life. I don't yet have words for anything right now. Oh. I named my car Stella. I don't care what you say Alicia, Sharon isn't even a real name.


trentathon said…
I think Stella is a great name. I forgot to text you back, I just realized. I will do so now.
dances alone said…
delightful. And I LOVE the song in the background. yeah.
Docface said…
Lindsey, I commented on your comment to me on my blog. I am happy that you named your car Stella after our chicken.
Renny said…
Mom, I did NOT name her after the chicken. Sick.
Ruth said…
Great photos! ;-) Love the name Stella for your car!
OHmommy said…
Stella is an awesome name.

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