Я хочу любить Вас безумно

In which we discuss matters of the heart:
So let me just begin by quoting Gerald N. Lund from his conference talk this past April:
"Isn’t that something we all seek, brothers and sisters—to be visited by the Holy Ghost, to have the Lord draw closer to us, to find joy and consolation in our lives? If so, then carefully assessing the condition of our hearts is one of the most essential things we can do in this life.
The heart is a tender place. It is sensitive to many influences, both positive and negative. It can be hurt by others. It can be deadened by sin. It can be softened by love. Early in our lives, we learn to guard our hearts. It is like we erect a fence around our hearts with a gate in it. No one can enter that gate unless we allow him or her to. In some cases the fence we erect around our hearts could be likened to a small picket fence with a Welcome sign on the gate. Other hearts have been so hurt or so deadened by sin that they have an eight-foot (2.5-m) chain-link fence topped with razor wire around them. The gate is padlocked and has a large No Trespassing sign on it."

I am having a hard time determining how to say what I want to say. I've realized a lot of things about myself lately that I want to change. Its time to take some action. I just don't know how to word it. This blog post is much more difficult to write than I thought it would. I felt so inspired in Relief Society to take action to better myself, but I'm suddenly feeling at a loss as to how.
I guess I have just been pondering on world issues lately. Horrific events in Myanmar and China, the US considering entering Iran, food shortages, gas prices sky rocketing as the dollar continues to fall, and Olympic torch carriers being attacked all over the world. Somehow, I feel this subject touches upon all of this.
Well, Elder Lund says it better anyway, I just want to figure out how I can take action to improve myself, and somehow, that'll improve the world.


trentathon said…
Chelsea said…
This sort of reminded me this one story from Chicken Soup for the Soul, which title I cannot recall at the moment. This dude said "Maybe that is why people smile when they see a baby - because babies are not covered in all the defensive layers that cover most of us" or something like that.... I don't want to write the whole story here, so it may sound sort of confusing....
But to me it's not confusing. :)
Aaron said…
Hey, the church is going to build a temple in Phoenix. And the site currently being investigated for construction is a little east of 59th and Pinnacle Peak. Right next to Jeff's church building. It would be a small temple, but still just 10 minutes from our house!
Chelsea said…
What kind of book is it you want to write? A romance novel? A memoir? A mystery? ;)
La Dolcezza said…
сересно? Is that a word? Hmmm...

I love the new look, and the Russian.
That talk was one of my very favorites this time around.
Renny said…
La dolcezza- Thank you. I'm glad you like the Russian, and seriously Trent, what even is that? The closest thing I could figure out was, серьезно? And if that is what you meant then the answer is yes.
Chelm- did you read the old school chicken soup, or a new fangled one? Just checking so maybe I could find that story.
Aaron- the temple is exciting! That would be really sweet.
Chelsea said…
It was the old one, I think. The story involved a man unlocking someone from a jail cell and they are about 6 inches away, separated by the bars, and suddenly he looked up and their eyes met and he smiled. They both smiled spontaneously or something....It sounds weirder here than I remember it being...

But I also think that people smile when they see babies because babies are cute and they do funny things.
Bukran said…
Я люблю Cyrillic характеры!

The comments of this post have me envisioning a bulky baby wrapped up in Kevlar armor or bubble wrap.

And don't forget (a la Cake):
Овцы идут к раю, козочкам идут к аду

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