You Want To Go Back To Where You Felt Safe

Renny's Return to Provo, the Saga: Beginnings
So, Saturday night I had a classic Renny nervous breakdown, which ended in my not having a place to live come Monday evening. Monday morning began with the good bye of the siblings, beginning with Aaron at 6:40 AM, and ending with Tyler, who found my camera, thus starting the documentation of this journey.
I then spent the rest of the morning packing everything up, gathering together everything my dad was bringing up on Thursday, and getting my suitcases together for my flight that afternoon.
I arrived at Sky Harbor airport at 2:30 PM, checked my luggage, went through security, and sat at my gate, waiting, listening to music, and thinking its funny that Southwest's terminal isn't a little bit larger, since Phoenix is one of their main hubs...gate C18 is the same as C16, how weird is that? I boarded the plane, and then, there was a technical problem with one of the computers.
On of the flight attendants was a juggler... ish. Anyway, the computer problem was fixed and off we went.Upon arriving in Salt Lake I claimed my baggage, and called home to tell them I was there as I waited for Sarah to come, and then, suddenly, there she was. She drove me to her home, we ate and then I went to Alicia's to "sleep" on her couch for the night. Her neighbors were having a Cinco de Mayo party, they had a subwoofer...
Part Two: What Do You Do for Money Honey?
Tuesday was "job interview day." I got all professionaled up, an
d then rode Alicia's bike to the United Way office for my first interview. Then, after a midday break, I rode her bike to south Provo for my second interview and I thought, "hm, I wonder what the Taco Time sign says... two years later... good thing its 73 degrees outside, oh goody, the train..." The second job said they wanted to hire me right away, but I really would prefer the United Way job, so I told them I'd have to get back to them, and then began crossing my fingers that United Way would come through, aren't they all about service? Yeah, do me a favor, hire me.
Later that evening I went to look at an apartment and ran into Andrea and Shena, taking a ride in Andrea's pretty new car. Thats when I noticed my sunburnt hands. Yes, hands. My skin never ceases to amaze me. This burn was bad, I haven't had a burn this bad for awhile. So I have also been nursing my hands back to health these past few days, they look ridiculous.
After a long and incredibly tiring day, I returned to my sister's abode for another evening of sleeping on her couch. This time sleeping was more successful, I was tired!
Day Two:
I needed a place to live, so I wandered all over creation. L
et me tell you, while Provo is still about a million times cheaper than Cali, prices have gone up, it was a little depressing. Finally it came down to this home on 500 North or a lovely condo just west of University living with a girl who was in my old ward two years ago. I chose the condo, did you hear me say its lovely? Yeah, so at 6:30 PM I signed a contract, paid the guy, and brought my suitcases over to unpack and then sleep. I was so happy to finally have a home.And Alicia and Jenessa finally have a place to do their laundry.
Part 3: J'ai Guru, Deva Ohm
Thursday I went to visit Chelsea and meet miss Minnie. I arrived at two, and I had every intention of getting back to get my sister's laundry done by the time Jenessa came to pick it up after she got off work... but somehow I managed to stay there for three hours.
I did, however, stupidly forget to bring my camera, so I was unable to document Minnie, who is hilarious, and she and I are already great friends, even though she had to go to her room after a little bit, she was fun to watch. Then I just chatted with Chelm for a bit, then Jenessa called to tell me she was off work... and then I knew, I had failed in my intentions. Oh well, I actually didn't really care that much. I did head back to my apartment and finish up their laundry though. Then my dad got into town at about 8:30 and we unloaded all the rest of my stuff into my apartment, went to Alicia's, and then went to dinner at Denny's, and let me tell you, they have remodeled, that restaurant had a new car smell.
Friday morning was spent messing with our bikes, I got a new fender, and Alicia's was taken into the shop to get the tire fixed, so my dad didn't leave Provo until about noon, which I am positive was not his original intention.
After he left I unpacked. Here is the final result, I think you can hear some of my sniffles in the background, since I can't find my allergy medicine... why am I not surprised by that?

Oh, and PS, in the midst of unpacking United Way called me, and I'm meeting with the lady in charge of the program I wanted to work with on Monday.
The End.


Huzzah!! I'm glad you're back in Provo, and I'm totally down for doing lunch a bunch of times this summer. We should get Debo to come as well; it'll be a blast!

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