Chase This Light

I had a friend ask me recently if I had any special interests right now. My reply was, I have no interest in anyone in my ward or classes right now. He was sad for me. I can't figure boys out. They suck that lucky feeling right out of me.

Tomorrow is Conference. I am glad. I love Conference. Not getting dressed for church, no endless meetings before and after, just chilling in my apt. eating some delicious Cinnamon Rolls and listening to the leaders of the church. Of course, going is sweet as well, and worth getting dressed for, but I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend, the opposite of last weekend.

I hate how the mind plays tricks on you, so sometimes you think that something that bothered you before doesn't anymore, but it actually does. I hate how this usually involves the male population for me. Stupid.

My 490 paper has proved to be a living nightmare. Why can't I just be a Euro-centric snob like everyone else? Lazy people. So, maybe I won't graduate, which is good since nobody is buying my winter contract. Very annoying.

I don't know if I'm going to be able to go to France like I planned. I mean, I am going, but maybe in a different way. For a different reason, with a different time frame. Why do passports have to cost so much money anyway? Annoying.

Therefore, I don't have a job for after I graduate in December, and I have no idea what is going to happen to me. Somebody please take control of my life for me, because nothing is working right and it is annoying me terribly.

I am excited to see Chelm and Kristin tomorrow. I think it will make my life complete.

Two more weeks and I find out if I've failed in life.

I hate being fake friends with someone. I hate that I am fake friends with someone when I want to be real friends with that person but they won't be real friends with me because of the stupidity of life. I hate that I care about it so much.

I have one crush, sometimes, it comes and goes. He doesn't live in Utah. So sometimes I hate him because he says the most frustrating things.

Thats all that is floating in my head right now.


Mom said…
I am not responding to blogs anymore, as you remember I told you. So, check your email from me for a response to this one.
Love you!
step said…
lindsey, seriously for some fast cash i encourage you to try waitressing for a bit. I made 100 bucks in tips tonight. It will help your france dreams! and i know you did well on your test. you are a smart girl and i have always admired that
wilbur said…
you r strange.
Kristin said…
yes I definitely needed it too
Bukran said…
Either way, my vicarious living through your LSAT score will work. If you did not-so-hot, that's what I would have likely got. If you did well, I'll feel fuzzy over such a triumph.

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