Happiness is Finding a Pencil

Sorry for my last negative blog post. Sometimes I just wish life would work out very quickly and easily. I forget that it doesn't. This past weekend was so great though. Conference was fantastic as usual. It has given me a lot to work on and change over the next six months until it all happens again. Saturday night I got to bond with Chelm and Kristin, and we made some delicious pumpkin souffles. I think we agreed they could be a bit more pumpkin-y, but overall, they were so light and delicious and full of pumpkin happiness, and Kristin shrieked a bit when I asked her to smell the pumpkin batter... and so, we enjoyed them much. As well as the first pilot episode of Leave it to Beaver. All I have to say is I'm glad they got a new Ward and a new Wally. And for Paul's sake... I'm glad they added a laugh track.
I also went to Sarah and Shena's for Octoberfest. It was good times, but I got too much chili in my bowl and couldn't finish it, and Andrea beat me at liar's dice... but thats okay, it was still a lot of fun.
I guess basically right now I have no idea what I am going to do with myself come January, but I'm trying to remember that things will work out because they always do. So, here is to not worrying so much, going with the flow, and pumpkin happiness.


Kristin said…
oh such goodness
Mom said…
Oh well, I have to comment. I just wanted to remind you that Christmas comes before January, which is always wonderful. Then, you can come home for the holidays, make some good decisions and then jump off again into your next adventure. We are always here for you. Also, I want to go to Disneyland, too. But, It may have to wait until next year.
Aaron said…
I don't want to go to disneyland. You guys can go without me.
Chelsea said…
Um, Lindsey? Why didn't you post about Alicia?
wilbur said…
what with alicia? i need to know! I'll go crazy if I don't! Well...crazier.
wilbur said…
why did you call me crazy pants? why?!?

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