Called to Serve

And now he is back. This is my brother Tyler. Yesterday he came back from his mission to Brazil Belem. I'm glad he's back, I've missed him. We are a team in this family, and I've been all alone doing our job for the past two years.

This is Tyler getting off the plane. He looks very happy.

This is a picture of Tyler and Aaron, my older bro, who also went to Brazil. Now they go around speaking Portuguese to each other (okay so they haven't done it that much yet, but Tyler hasn't been home that long...)

So yeah, my lil bro is back. Good times.


alirara said…
Yay!! That's my room! Well my old room, I'm excited to come see it and he'd better not make it messy like last time...
Bukran said…
Shucks. I remember when he got his call.

Time flies. My bro's been out 9 months.
Chelsea said…
Aw, he does look happy. I've never seen him smile like these pics. Does he like acai? I've never had it, but would like to try it sometime....

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