Detox Just to Retox

During the tail end of the semester and finals I sort of abandoned the blog. I know some of you might think it really wasn't that long that I went without posting, but for me, a month is kind of long.

While I was away this little blog of mine was not forgotten. I had all these post ideas swirling around in my head. So, now that I have the time to post them, get ready for the blogging time of your life.

We'll start with this.

Renny Presents: Some of My Favorite Cases from this Past Year

Sometimes in law school you read really awful cases that make you sick to your stomach and keep you up at night wonder what it is that makes people act so horribly towards other people. Then you get a priceless gem that helps you keep your sanity. Such are these cases.

Like the Contracts case where the kid saw a Pepsi commercial. You could collect Pepsi points to get things out of their catalog. In the commercial at the end was a Harrier Jet, the kid decided he wanted that and collected 7 million points and sent in his order from the catalog (where the Jet was not listed) saying he wanted it. Pepsi wrote him a letter back and said, "uh, we don't have that, it was a joke... but here is a bunch of free Pepsi stuff for all your trouble, and the check you sent us to try and buy the points with."
His lawyer wrote back and said, "Unacceptable!"

Or the Constitutional Law case where a junior high school had a "nondenominational prayer" at their graduation. The person giving the prayer said that they prayed that God would guide the nation's laws and the judges that defined it, and that the Constitution would always be protected and defended under His guidance. Then someone sued the school and the Rabbi that gave the prayer for violating their First Amendment free exercise rights and the establishment clause.

Or the Civil Procedure case where some guy sued Mattel for stealing his doll head design for one of their Barbie models. During depositions Mattel's lawyers brought some of the Barbie heads and asked the guys lawyer to look at the back of the head where the copyright date was, five years earlier than when the guy claimed he created his design. The lawyer refused and threw the dolls across the room.

Or the Property Law case where someone bought a house and then found out that the previous owner had not informed him that she had previously advertised the house as haunted, and so they wanted out of their deed because this information had not been disclosed to them. The judge, in his sassy opinion said that, "the spirit of this law must be laid to rest," and that, "as a matter of law, the house is haunted."

These were some of the best, but there were many more that were quite enjoyable. Its moments like these that make life worth living.


Ruth said…
Love it! ;-)
dances alone said…
oh that is a happy monday! thank you for giving us a glimpse of your life the past few months

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