Unwinding Cable Car

You know, now that the election is over I've realized something. I stayed away from large numbers of political posts. I felt that I had said my piece, and I knew how I was voting. I just got sick of the whole conflicting thing. Hurt feelings, angry friends, misunderstandings... politics is stressful. I just wanted to pretend for a moment that the issues facing our nation didn't affect me on a daily basis although I know that isn't true.
So I blogged about pumpkin parties and concerts and the bad day I recently had. Not that I regret those posts. I don't want my blog to be about any one thing, and those things were all parts of my life that I care about. The thing is however, now that its over and done I feel sort of... guilty. I could have explained my view points better. I could have discussed Prop 8 and Prop 102 in AZ. I could have talked more about health care to prove my point about Barack's plan not being any cheaper. Maybe it wouldn't have changed things. Actually, it probably wouldn't have, but discussing different viewpoints is good and healthy. I feel its really the best way to help democracy thrive. So here I sit, feeling that I have nothing of value to say, regretting the opportunity I let pass.
I am, however, determined to learn from my mistakes. So be prepared, because in four years time this blog may become fairly political in nature. By then I will also be a well read, well rounded lawyer, with a degree certifying my ability to debate, argue, and always be right. So, look forward to that dizzying intellect.


dances alone said…
I do look forward to it! I love hearing your thoughts, and respect your opinion, so I hope you always share it!
Heidi said…
Hm...maybe I will make one of those countdown chains to prepare for your monumental post. Not that I will be able to understand your dizzying intellect or anything...but whatever. That is how excited I am for it!
madii said…
lawyers are awesome... ok not really. but you are. and old people.
Renny said…
Heidi, that would be such a long chain! I hope you decorate your room with it and take pictures of it for me to see.
Miss Jarvis said…
Hey Lindsey,

No, I'm not getting married.

love jenessa
Miss Jarvis said…
Hey lindsey.

No, I'm not deleting my blog. you're safe.

love jenessa
alirara said…
Hey Lindsey,

Jenessa lied to you

Love, Alicia

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