Lost in Translation

I think I'm still experiencing some Olympic ennuie. "Why isn't Michael Phelps on my television? Why am I not crying over the Fab Five? Why isn't my mom asking me the names of the Chinese divers?" After the Olympics end I don't really know what to do with my life.

Compound that with the fact that I feel like I have nothing to do with my life and it makes life pretty boring. What I need to do is finish my Character and Fitness Application and make doctor and dental appointments to get my mission papers all finished up. Also, I need to think of something interesting to blog about for you lovely people.

I have nothing interesting to blog about. I mean I seriously considered telling you about how I killed a cockroach the other day. Who wants to hear about that? Nobody. I also had a dream that this family I go to church with was a bunch of vampire zombies and I was frustrated because I couldn't leave their house because I had taken all of my bar review books over there and couldn't gather them all up fast enough, but strangely enough they refused to change me. Also, my bar review materials in real life weighed over 10 lbs and cost me about $15 to mail back for my book deposit refund check.

Don't ever take the bar.

Unless you really want to be a lawyer. Then you should probably take it.

I'm looking for more piano students. Do you live in AZ, in the Phoenix area? Do you have friends that do? Do you or or friends or any of the children belonging in any of those categories want to learn how to play the piano? Then I'm your girl. Spread the word.

Here is a picture. I'll try to be more interesting  in real life from now on, just for you.

In closing, I hate blogger because it won't upload any of my photos.


Brian & Kyla said…
Mission papers?! I must have missed something. You're going on a mission?!
dances alone said…
this is funny. I'm so sad I no longer have a computer and thus can't follow your blog, because it is so witty and delightful and you! I'm sorry I couldn't see the photo :)

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