God Save the Queen

Guys, I love the Olympics. I really love them a lot.

Especially the swimming. Man do I love the swimming. All of the swimming, but especially the men. So, this post brought me no end of joy. Especially the part when she says that Nathan Adrian should marry one of her readers. It should probably me. I really need to marry a swimmer. This must happen.

It isn't just about the well chiseled abs and awesome arms. Although I do love that part. The swimming is so exciting. Down to the hundredths of a second! Michael Phelps! Chad Le Clos! Swimming fast! Missy Freeman is so smiley and cute! How does Michael Phelps swim so fast doing the Butterfly? The Butterfly is hard! Yay water! I love the smell of chlorine! Gold medals! USA USA USA!

What is your favorite Olympic sport?


Ruth said…
Haven't had a chance to watch a thing but a bit of volleyball that was fun but my favorite is everything gymnastics!
Bukran said…
I think the BMX racing is my new fave Olympic sport to watch.

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