The Closer I Come to You...

Last night it finally happened. The moment every girl dreams about from her childhood. Or at least from the first time she heard the radio static that marks the beginning of "A Day Late." Or that way rad guitar part that comes in just before the chorus of "Audrey! Start the Revolution!" Thats right, I saw Anberlin live in concert!!!!!!
Can I just say, that was the best experience of my life! Anberlin performing "The Feel Good Drag" was in itself worth the money I dropped on that show.They also performed a song from their new CD, Cities, which comes out in February. It was awesome! They just keep getting better and better. I think Nate summed it up perfectly when he said, "I am never going to miss seeing Anberlin live again!" My sentiments exactly. After they get done with this tour they are going to be going on their own headlining tour. So I sent them an email saying, please don't forget about Utah. Now I just have to pray its not on a Sunday and I'll be good to go whenever they come here.
I do have to give props to Story of the Year. I didn't think I was going to enjoy them at all, but it wasn't as bad as I imagined it would be. When they performed "Enter Sandman," they sounded so much like Metallica that it was incredible. I enjoyed it, but Anberlin was still the highlight of my evening.
Now I must continue on in my semester, which is finally almost done. However, given the fact that I have 18 credit hours next semester,I don't know how much better its going to be. Its okay though, I feel good. I'll have no semblance of a life in March... but that is all in the future.
I've come to the decision of late however that I get too caught up in the blase that can be school and life in general. I don't focus on what I truly have in my life to be thankful for. Perfect timing to be thinking of this with Thanksgiving coming up, I know. I just have to say that my life really is good. Super busy, and often times highly confusing, but good. As I continue to learn and discover things about myself that I have spent the last 21 years trying to understand, I realize how much I have been given. At the risk of sounding so extremely cheesy that you all will get sick... I do have to say that everyone reading this blog is a blessing to me. I can think of nothing better than good friends and a family who loves me despite all of my shortcomings. So thanks.
Oh and Anberlin, you're a miracle to me.


Wilbur said…
Good for you!
Wilbur said…
Why is my link called Bubby?!? That's not a name you can post on a blog! Only call me that in person or on cards and stuff like that. Anything but a blog.
ccortez said…
Yeah, that's a valid point she brings up, Lindsey. You always have been loose in the nickname area, I guess. "Why do you call him P-Spice?!!"
ccortez said…
Also, I have been exposed to Anberlin.
And I wanted you to see my new profile pic.
Anonymous said…
We should all vote for Stephen ( on
For all he has done in Haiti, India, Modesty, and being such a positive roll model!
ccortez said…
Who's Neil?

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