A Mighty Fine Life

So much has happened in the past week, its crazy!! As most of you probably know by now, Chelmo and P-Spice are engaged!! So Chelm's mom came out here for a few days and we went hard core dress shopping and found the perfect dress for Chelm. She looks so beautiful in it, it was fun and I'm glad she let me go with her.

This picture is from the intense connect four tournament we had a few weeks ago. This summer has been so fun so far! I don't know how much more of this I can handle! Probably another month, and then school will start, that's depressing! Anyway, I didn't fare too well at this game, Danny and James were pretty much amazing at it though, I was highly impressed.

This is Molly with Lindsey the cat and her kittens. She gave birth to six kittens, four of them lived. We named them Calyspo, Jorge Burris, Merlin Bellcurve Reynolds, and Condoleezza. Unfortunately, Animal Control picked her up last Monday and so Lindsey and her family left, however, I have full faith that some cat lady came and adopted all five of them, and they are living quite comfortably in the lap of kitty luxury in Pleasant Grove, Utah.

This is Chelsea, with a delicious popsicle, because that is what you eat in the summertime. Kristin bought them because her sister Em came to visit for five days, and when you have to entertain that long you had better have some popsicles handy. She was generous to share them with us. We ate them while bonding with Lindsey and the kittens before they left for their new home.

Our Relief Society had a sleepover at the bishop's cabin about two weekends ago. It was a ton of fun! We played games and ate food and watched a movie, and had overall bonding time. My ward is so great, everyone just gets along so well, and they're all so good and righteous, its the best place for anyone to be and I can't imagine living anywhere else. This is a picture of Kristen Jeppson, our Relief Society Pres., and the skull that Molly took along with her to study for her Anatomy final which she took the next day and aced.

My FHE group is so much fun. This picture that I have posted is from when we made ice cream the other week. It was delicious, mine was chocolate and I added some berries for a nice little surprise in every bite. Last week we played Watermelon football, which was the most intensly fun game of my life! You are in the pool and you have a watermelon greased in crisco, and your team tries to get it to touch the other side of the pool from the one you start on, then you switch and go back in the opposite direction. I was pretty much treading water for half and hour, and I almost drowned about ten times, and I almost drowned other people about twenty. I loved it, and I am planning to play it again sometime! Um well, the picture won't post, so I am angry.

These pictures come courtesy of Molly's camera, and as soon as she charges her battieries and uploads more pictures to her comp, I'll upload them to my blog. I'll be getting my film developed soon, and I'll ask the guy in the library to make the scanner work before I get really upset.


Kristin said…
summer just keeps getting better
Miriam said…
I just love you Miss Reynolds!
Bukran said…
Molly is a cat lady!!!

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