Basking blissfully in the glow...

So, I have little more than a week left here in Hawaii, and I'm looking forward to getting back to Provo and seeing everyone (and watching the movie Kristin!!), but I decided I could no longer deny my loyal fans the right to an update on my life.

Saving the day, one angry customer at a time:
You know how sometimes things seem to happen in just such a way that you know that the Lord had to have a hand in it?? Well, I feel like thats what happened to me at work last night. I was working upstairs for Ambassador ( the restaurant I DIDN'T get hired at...) and I really hate working over there because people pay more, so they expect more, therefore there is a greater potential for things to go wrong, and people to get angrier when they do. Last night, we pretty much ran out of all of the food that people come here to eat... including prime rib. There were some customers that were pretty upset, but I checked twice on whether or not more prime rib would be coming, and when I came back the second time to tell them it was most certainly not going to be arriving, I told them we would be very happy to refund them their money. I also helped Chelsea bring them extra drinks, brought out some lemons for them, and gave them a pile of salt and pepper along with my regular duties as a hostess. Then, after they left, they forgot their camera. Well, when I was taking the camera back down to customer service, they had just arrived to ask the people if one had been returned. The daughter was crying, and the mother saw me and said," Can we just take you home with us?" The camera was returned, and everyone was happy. So, I felt as if somehow I had played some small role in making their experience slightly better than they thought it would be with everything going wrong, and I hope that someday when the missionaries knock on their door, they'll remember that nice waitress at the PCC who did everything in her power to make sure that their time there wasn't a complete waste.

Confusion and a timely dinner:

In other work related events, last Friday was our day off. So, we decided to go to the PCC as guests and enjoy the delights the different islands have to offer and then eat at the luau. Well, when we got there, there was so much confusion with people not understanding what it was we wanted. Were we lost? Why didn't we have tickets to the luau? Why hadn't we bought dinner in advance, didn't we know that we had to buy an entire package in order to get the luau dinner? Why were we there? Go to customer service, go to the ticket office... what are you even doing here? Finally, all questions were answered and I got to try Hawaiian poi and this spicey beef stuff, and guava cake. Then we went to the night show, which is always a treat, no matter how many times you see it. I must say, I may sound biased... but, I don't know who exactly invented the hula, but the Tahitians have certainly perfected it. There are, however, other joys associated with the night show, and the all purpose Polynesian is certainly a treat to watch because he is the epitome of a perfect entertainer. And, the Samoan fireknife dancer is amazing, and pretty much the Samoans in general remind me of Alvin, and I love it.

As my life here winds down I am going to try to fill my time up with a few last things to further enrich my hawaiian experience. However, I don't want to spoil the surprise, so come back later, when I'll have pictures.


Kristin said…
Hey look its my name! see you in a week and a half!
Lil Renny said…
You're pretty much famous!
Miriam said…
Lindsey, way to deal with all those crazy work problems! I do hate it when everything gets blamed on me at at TB, when we aren't fast enough, or the beans are really nasty, Or we run out of guacamole.
Paul said…
Linds! You saved the day again!! You know, there's one of you in every family. "Why can't you be more like your cousin Lindsey?"
Lil Renny said…
Funny, I always hear, "Why can't you be more like your cousin Paul?"

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