State of the Union

I was planning on telling the harrowing tale of what Chelsea and I had to endure the other evening, but she told it so well, I don't think that I could even do it justice now. So, go to Chelm's blog(she is the war hero link on the side) and find out what happened. That is all the news I have for now. Two more weeks, my foot is in the door...


Anonymous said…
Basically, I love you and am so glad that everything is going well in Hawaii. I will try to give you a call soon!
Kristin said…
have you been counting down the days until that song was applicable? lol I leave tomorrow! I can't wait for you and chelsea to be back in provo. Krystle is picking me up from the airport (I love that kid) and she says there is a ward social tomorrow night. I have such good timing. Love HI, but hurry back to provo, yo.
Lil Renny said…
Kristin, I'm glad you love Krystle... took you long enough!! No I'm kidding, I knew you loved her long ago. And I was counting down the days until I could use that song, sorry I'm so lame :)

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