An ode to buyback:

Standing in line, a pile of books-
waiting forever, and wondering,
" Is this one really worth $87.95?"
but pay you must,
and in buyback you trust.
"BYU says I'll get 60 per cent,
with all of that money, I can still pay the rent!"
Alack, Alack, its a lie I fear,
the returns on my books, decrease with each year!
Its not my fault my major is history!
They're all paperback, but they sure weren't free!
They read my return price,
a dollar, maybe two, my heart is in my throat, whatever shall I do?
There is always book exchange, but oh what a hassle!
Who else would read, "History of a Tassle?"
So my dear friends, its to the bookstore I go,
hoping that next time, I'll get payed more.
I spent 40 dollars, and got $2.75
good thing I'm going back to Provo, or I'd never survive!


Kristin said…
Your statement is sad
But I fear it is true
Buyback prices are bad
And so we should sue!
Anonymous said…
Sorry Justin was a vondruke. Sorry I don't know how to spell that. Where's the beep?
Lil Renny said…
Justin wasn't really a vondrook, I think was just more irritated about getting less than 10% of what I spent on my books back and I displaced that anger onto him, good thing it wasn't to his face.
ccortez said…
Aghhh! Lindsey, why can't I live without you?
Wow. I am going to make the graham cracker french toast tomorrow morning. I hope Provo is treating you well. How has it been moving all your stuff in and organizing everything? Pretty much, I never want to move again. But then again, I can't stay in one place to save my life. Well, je t'aime et j'attends avec impatience le jour ou nous habiterons ensemble encore!!
mom R. said…
Wow! I understood that french!
Love, Mom R.
mom R. said…
I thought you were updating this spot!
micheal said…
so true!

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