A Moment with Henry: Seasons

I am so in love with this song. I am so in love with mae.

This is a letter that accompanied the song on the album (they wrote a letter for each song, how can you not love that?)

Have you ever laid close enough to the ocean to feel it breathe? As a boy, I used to think that the tide was
created by the earth spinning around in space. Like a child carrying a cup of water from the sink to
the table, the ocean sloshed back and forth with each timid step in its race to complete the day.
Air fills the lungs and leaves the lungs bringing oxygen through our blood to sustain life. The chest rises and
falls like music in time to a stranger more mysterious rhythm. It's in these quiet moments that we get a hint
about the wonder and majesty of the universe and of life. My hope is that this music and these images give
you a reason to take a moment to be still and ponder these mysteries from a new perspective.
"Seasons" is a story about relationships in time. It is a dance between a day and a year. And it is the
music of a birth, a life, a death, and a rebirth. It is about cycles that we experience in our brief stay here
on Planet Earth.
Seasons is designed to be experienced simultaneously as sound and image. But it's not necessarily my images
that I want you to see timeafter time...
My greatest hope is that you have been inspired by this (m)(a)(e) project in 2009 and that you make a
commitment within yourself to be the difference you want to see in the world. That is the greatest
multisensory aesthetic experience you can have; a life well lived and full of love.
Take this coming year and make your own story out of pictures.
Use this song as your soundtrack and show us your world.

I HAVE laid close enough to the ocean to feel it breathe. Mae has always been a grand part in the soundtrack for my life. That may be a post for another time.
Soundtrack for my world, coming soon...

To learn more about the mae project and donate, go here.


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