The Reawakening

Lately I've been trapped in the sandpit of law school. Today I can emerge from the bunker a bit. Breathe in fresh air, get some sunlight (metaphorically speaking, its raining hardcore today) and have some sense of life come back into me.

Of course I still have a ton of reading to do, and some appointments to set up. I need to figure out where I'm living for next year, I'd like to hear back from places I've applied so summer plans can be made, and finals are just around the corner.... but in this moment I need to stop and take a breath and... catch up on the blog.

About a month ago I left the country for the first time ever. Finally. I still haven't posted pictures of my Montreal trip. So here they are.
Montreal was great. People spoke French, I understood it. Then I spoke it back. It made me happy. It made me  miss French.
Also, many of these pictures were taken through a dirty car window. Kathy didn't really want to stop and get out since it was cold any snowy, and there weren't many places to park. Its all good though. I'll go back soon.

Here is my messy conglomeration of pictures. Including the tiny bottles they sell soda in, French Canadian candy, the Montreal temple, and the cafe where we had lunch. 

Then it snowed two feet in one day. It snowed and snowed and snowed. School was cancelled and I was a snow bunny.
Then, I had my spring break. It started off with a concert. Then getting lost in Cambridge. Then sad news, then sickness. Then I went shopping, enjoyed Montpelier, and showed Trent around my little village, and Hanover, which is a much more exciting and happening place..

Now I'm in the home stretch. I'm about to surrender to the death of the end of my first year of law school (!) and also get myself wedding photo ready since I'm a bridesmaid in my brother's wedding in June. Last night Henry fell into vast amounts of water and I was ready to succumb to the fact that he probably wouldn't survive. He did, so I've renamed him: Henry the Wonderpod. I'll love him forever.

And that my friends, is my life in blog short form. Tune in next time, when I express the wonders of summer, and not being in law school :)


Brian & Kyla said…
Congrats on almost surviving your first year of law school! Keep us updated with what's going on and your summer plans.
Docface said…
I love your photos, and don't faint! I have blogged!
dances alone said…
hang in there renners! You can do it! You are the wonderrod! wondercod? wondergod...hoo no better stop now. I just wanted to be as witty as you, but i never will.

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