Remind Your Parents We're Tomorrow

I just stared and stared at it for about five minutes.

One grade. That's all I've gotten back so far. I have five other classes I'm waiting on and I have absolutely no idea what my grades will be in them and I'm incredibly nervous to find out.

But I poured four months of myself into this past semester and I felt drained and exhausted, and pretty much like I was never doing enough and was going to fail everything.

Then, there it was. An A in a class I took in law school. Last year I worked so hard for some frustrating Bs and B pluses. The difficulty of this last semester was like the first two combined. Plus three billion. Times a million. Divided by one. Minus zero. Yeah. It was that hard. Long late nights in the library until 11 or 12 PM. Sleepless nights wondering if all the effort was worth it.  Weeping and crying over some of the awful reading I was doing (seriously, deciding to write a paper on the correlation between pornography and violent crime is emotionally draining. But the bottom line is if you look at pornography you are supporting the human sex slave market, and that makes you pure evil.)

I have no idea where I stand with my other classes and I'm still really nervous to find out. I need a B in International Law in order to get my international law certificate. I think Dean Kujovich is probably going to be a really tough grader. Whether or not I can apply to go to France next fall depends on this last semester, my grades, GPA, and class rank.

But for tonight I have an A in a class I took in law school, and that makes me really happy.

Sorry I basically spent this entire post bragging. :-/ I hope that doesn't mean I end up with failing grades in the rest of my classes. . . It's just that it's been awhile since I've seen the good old letter A on a transcript, and law school is evil and sadistic.Tell me something super awesome you did! Brag about yourself! Especially if you walked on the moon. I want to hear about it!


Regan said…
You deserve to brag - And you definitely deserved an A! Hope the rest of your grades come out as well. Looking forward to having you back in Vermont!
alirara said…
Shirley got an A in Law school on the SUN!!
dances alone said…
i'm so proud of you!!! you are amazing and i'm really really glad it paid off.
I dropped out of grad school! is that something to brag about? i did work 14.5 hours yesterday and somehow i think that makes me a rockstar. but i pale in comparison to you-way to go my friend :)

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