Mona Lisa, Men Have Named You

So, life update I think. On Monday, May 5th I am flying to Provo. I'm moving into Windsor Park apartments (just behind the Glenwood near the Marriott Hotel). I have two job interviews, one is as a legal assistant, I want it. Make it mine. On Thursday, May 8th, my dad is coming with all the rest of my stuff. Then I'll get all officially moved in. I am looking forward to all of this. I'm a little tired of Phoenix, I won't lie. Summertime is good times in Provo.
As for France, I never heard anything back from the program I applied to. So I guess that means no... oh well. Someday I'll go to France. It'll be very French when I do.
LSAT in June. And I think I'll do better this time. Then I'll begin the application process. By this time next year, I'll know where I'm going for law school :) Hooray!
Thats all for now.


Kristin said…
You'll be back in Provo!

I'm impressed that you got discouraged about law school, decided not to go, then realized it's what you actually want and then aren't afraid to just do it.

Life is funny. Isn't it?
La Dolcezza said…
It is true that Provo summers are good times. I love and miss Provo summers.
Also true? France is very French.
Bukran said…
Don't fraternize with anyone from The Glenwood. Bad news. Instead of water, its hot tub uses liquid sin.
trentathon said…
William and Mary, here Lil' renny comes...
Lil Renny said…
Kristin- thanks! I feel like such a non quitter.
La dolcezza- thanks for your mockery ;) Maybe you should come to Provo so we can play Mastermind
Bukran- don't hate, I've known plenty of good people who have lived at the Glenwood. One of them married my old roommate if I do recall correctly...
Trent- thanks for the vote of confidence. It might be Boston College, just so you know :)

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