Its Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

"Its SNOWING!!" Was the first thing to escape my mouth as I stood and looked out the window at work today at about 10 AM. This was followed by running to the window to watch the small white flakes fall from the sky.
For those of you that may not know, the beginning of October brought snow and freezing cold weather, which promptly warmed up and returned to perfect fall temperatures for the rest of October. November came and there was no change in weather. I hoped that with Thanksgiving would come a nice blanket of snow, the Utah skies did not deliver. The day after Thanksgiving I decorated my apartment, hoping that by showing the weather that I was inviting Christmas with welcome arms and much excitement, that it would follow suite. It did not. Although, in that case, my disappointment has been eased by the festiveness of my apartment.
Now, settling into this unseasonably warm December, my hopes of snow before I went home for Christmas were beginning to wane. I was also getting a little upset because I have a goal to go snowboarding before I leave Utah in May, and while I know there are still several months before May, the lack of open ski resorts has been becoming more and more disheartening with each passing day.
Today, finally, tiny little flecks of hope arrived, coating the mountain in a white snowy blanket. With my Christmas spirits renewed, I decided to post some pictures of my apartment to show you its beauty. Then, I intend to snuggle into some blankets with hot chocolate and watch White Christmas.


alirara said…
I want to watch Muppet Christmas Carol
Miss Jarvis said…
I would also like to watch Muppet Christmas Carol.

PS Sorry i lied to you. I AM getting married!!! :)

Plus I am excited for Christmas!!!
madii said…
well congratz to a festive apartment and snow =)

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