Its the Final Countdown

When did Kirk actually become Kirk on Gilmore Girls? I just saw an early episode and he was Kirk, but I'm pretty sure there is another episode afterwards where he isn't Kirk again. What was going on with that?

I feel like I should update this here blog, but I can't think of anything to say that isn't really depressing (like stop looking at pornography people.) you know, something super intense like that. I probably will end up blogging something like that soon, and you'll all be freaked out, but I promise you, every word I type will be true, and you ought to tell other people about it, and then tell them to stop looking at pornography too.

But I don't want to blog about that tonight. I've gotta leave it at work right now. My first trial is happening on Wednesday. I know what you're thinking, Lindsey you've been doing this internship all summer. I know I know. It's the nature of the beast. Maybe if I had been in a different bureau I would have gotten more trial experience. Maybe if I had come to sex crimes in fall or winter I would have gotten more trial experience. It's just hard to know how it's going to work out, ya know? I've still learned a LOT. Starting Wednesday I will learn a LOT MORE.

So how about Google+ huh? Lets all delete our Facebook accounts now, what say you? I probably will soon. If only I could get my mom to get on Google+ so we can video chat whilst I am in France.(Mom, seriously. I've sent you an invite and told you to get a gmail. If you love me you will join so I may communicate with you whilst I am out of the country.)

Speaking of France, what??? That is happening in a month? I'm freaking out! I still have things I need to do to be all prepared. I wish the school would respond to my emails. That'd be nice. I've only sent them a crapload of money, it would be nice to know if they got it. Sorry I said crapload. That was probably offensive. Twice.

Ugh, I'm going to make something this weekend and then I'll show it to you. It'll be food.

It is almost 11 and I have not worked out yet today. I feel fat. And exhausted. I need to shower. To work out or not to work out, that is the question. I should probably go work out. At least for a little bit.

It's August y'all. Another summer almost done. How do we feel about that? Was your summer all you thought it would be?

I don't know if mine was. It was pretty great though, I got a new niece-let. She is tiny and adorable. That is pretty awesome. So maybe my summer was all I thought it would be. Yeah, babies are the best.


Lauren said…
When are you leaving for France?? I'm coming to Phoenix on September 6th? Will I be able to see you?

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