Green is the Color that Everyone Sees all Around Me

Today I had a meeting with the Professor over the Public Health Internship department at BYU. The following is a conversation that actually happened on my way there.

Strange Creepy Guy on Bicycle: Hey how are you doing?
Lil Renny: Fine.
SCGoB: What is your name?
LR: ... Lindsey
SCGoB: Oh, well I just wanted to tell you you are a beautiful girl.
LR: Well thanks.
SCGOB: Are you a student at BYU?
LR: Um... no
SCGoB: No?
LR: Well, I just graduated.
SCGoB: Oh, well where are you going?
LR: To a meeting.
SCGoB: Yeah? Well, I just wanted to talk to you. I hope its not weird, some person you don't know coming up and talking to you like this.
LR: Um...
SCGoB: So are you married, are you dating anyone?
LR: Um... I'm... dating someone...
SCGoB: Oh Really? Thats too bad for me, how long have you guys been together, is it serious?
LR: Yes, well, we've been together... six months...
SCGOB: oh thats to bad for me, I was going to ask for your number, maybe we could go get something to eat sometime but if its serious.
LR: Yeah, well I like him... a lot.
SCGoB: Okay. I hope this question doesn't offend you, but are you Mormon?
LR: Yes.
SCGoB: Oh, thats too bad for me because I'm not.
LR: Oh, well I have to go this way so...
SCGoB: Okay okay, well thanks for letting me talk to you.
LR: Uh-huh.

It reminded me so much of this video (disclaimer, there is swearing in it) that all I could think was that the Lord was trying to remind me to laugh at myself. Also, I hope He forgives me for lying to the guy, I'm just glad he didn't ask what my boyfriends name was, I'm pretty sure I would have come up with a pretty generic name that would have totally given me away.


Chelsea said…
I don't even have to look at the video. I thought of it too.

Let me ask you this:
Did you have an updo?
Chelsea said…
OK, so I looked at the video and I'm an idiot. It wasn't the one I was thinking of. I was thinking of Brutha at the Cinema. I'm pretty sure...
Renny said…
Fortunately, I have seen both, and no I didn't have an updo, but if I had, I would have worked it.
trentathon said…
wow, cool story. i think girls have too much power...
Bukran said…
Wow, that dude's as smooth as a withered cactus... Did he physically look creepy?
BitterTea said…
So, before I got to the part where you said you were lying about the bf, I was totally freaking out because i thought you didn't tell me. haha. Remember how gullible I am?

July 4th I am working sadly.
Docface/Wilbur said…
Well, atleast he had really good taste and could tell a beautiful girl when he sees one.
Renny said…
Trenta, I think you have too much power.
Bukran, of course he was physically creepy, small beady eyes, dirty shirt, dirty hat... very interesting.
Steppi, You know if I had a boyfriend I would totally tell you about it!
Mom, you is silly.
Docface/Wilbur said…
lol. thats hilarious. i probably wouldve punched him.
did you see my update?
trentathon said…
I do not have too much power. I am often times at the mercy of women's whims
trentathon said…
btw, i don't mean to dominate your comment section but i like your new template. i feel like i'm in a maze. a maze of plaid. and i like it.
La Dolcezza said…
Trent totally has too much power. :)

That was a funny story. I am glad there are creepy guys around to help us tell entertaining stories. I am also glad you successfully avoided creepy guy.
Ruth said…
I enjoy your writing Renny. Thank you for the comment on my page...okay there are three people who read it. ;-) I believe you will be a great author and I am excited to read your first non-fiction, fiction, whatever it will be! And I think that guy had "guts" to try! But am so glad you lied.
Girl, the back of your head is RIDIKILUS

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