Letter from the Editor:
I would like to sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused by any negative post found upon this blog yesterday. It would seem that in a moment of blind panic and insanity one of our writers found herself writing a post of such banality, of which we typically try to aspire to avoid on this blog. We sincerely regret this lack of good judgment on our part, as we recognize that nothing in life could really be that bad.
We invite you to continue to read and comment on the previous post, somewhat appropriately entitled Write About What Makes You Angry, until such time that our writer finds herself typing more poetry or prose full of the wit, intellect, and charm that we hope you grow accustomed to reading on these, Her Inspired Thoughts.


trentathon said…
It's amazing how fast our days can go from great to bad, but conversely crappy to excellent. Cheers
Chelsea said…
I did not find it to be super negative or angry sounding. Maybe I'm just as negative, I guess.
I just thought it was telling it like it is. And if it's for the book, does it really represent your feelings from one bad day?
If it sounds too negative, people can feel free to do their own research by watching The Suite Life of Zach and Cody.
Renny said…
Trentathon, pupil of the constitution, thanks.
Chelm, I don't think you read my blog yesterday. Which is okay, I mean, I'm not offended or anything... j/k, but I deleted the post from yesterday. I'm glad you don't find the book negative though, because I do want it to be positive. And I personally think that anyone who watches the Suite Life of Zach and Cody will decide there is something wrong with the world.
Chelsea said…
I think I vaguely remember something there. It was short, right? I don't remember what it said and I wasn't sure if I had even seen it once it disappeared. So maybe I didn't read it. Now I will always wonder.

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