Great Expectations

I love the Olympics because anything can happen. Think about it, how often does anyone plan to win a certain amount of gold medals at the Olympics and it actually happens? Almost never, but sometimes it does.
Then there are the underdogs, the athletes nobody talks about, who come out of nowhere and take the gold.
Sometimes, we plan, prepare, get back up when we fall, and end up failing.

I think this is synonymous to life. Sometimes we set goals and have expectations for ourselves. Sometimes those expectations come to fruition just the way we planned, sometimes we're left disappointed, and sometimes something better than we originally dreamed of, better than anyone else ever thought possible of us, happens.


trentathon said…
so well put. wow, that was a short post, but so good
La Dolcezza said…
I love the Olympics!!!
Renny said…
Trenta, Thanks, every once in awhile I do things people don't find possible (like good short posts):)
la dolcezza, I love the Olympics too. I wish they were still going.

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