Last night I got to do a little babysitting for a friend, an activity I haven't engaged in for a couple of years now, but which I usually enjoy.
Things started off well, when mom and toddler arrived, she was intrigued by this new place she had to explore, except she was a bit afraid of my kitchen at first. However, when her mom walked out the door and shut it behind her she did what most toddlers in that situation would do, she ran to the door and cried for a bit. Then she turned and gave me that accusing," its your fault my mom has left without me, why would you do such a thing to me? Cute. Little. Me." Fortunately, my mad babysitting skills came in handy; I knew it was time for a little distraction.
After I gave her something to drink we played a fun game of chase. This game involved me
getting into a predatory stance and then taking two steps towards her, at which point she would bolt for the back bedroom, and then run out to the same spot where she stood before and wait for me to do it again. We also added a toy to this. Most the time it was her job to protect the toy from me. However, I admit that when I get into character I can become fairly terrifying, causing her to leave the toy with reckless abandon, thinking of nothing except saving her own skin.
We had a good time, my little friend and I. Once she got bored with the game we went on a walk and she got to explore the "other side" of University avenue. I think by the end of the evening she forgave me for not letting her leave with her mom, although I know she'll never like me as much as she likes her, but I'm okay with that. Her mom is pretty cool. "Who is this young child?" you ask. Fortunately for you, I got a picture of her in ready stance waiting for me to attack.

Minnie, the babysittee, in her warrior position.


La Dolcezza said…
Your babysitee is pretty cute. She also kind of looks like she may have laser eyes. I kind of hope that in reality she is a robot in disguise.
Jana said…
I'm sorry it's taken me so long to respond to your comment (which you posted over a week ago on my blog) but I just wanted to say "thank you!" I'm so glad that you found me and that you like my blog. Come back often!
Chelsea said…
I always disliked babysitting. A lot. I hope Minnie really was tolerable.

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