How Would You Feel if I Only Sang Sad Songs?

I should be writing my paper. So I'm blogging... meh heh.
This semester is swiftly drawing to a close and I have finally decided what I'm going to do with my life, isn't that great? So, I'm spelling it out here, putting on blog so that there is no turning back,
1. The application for teaching in France is finally up! So I am applying, and hoping so much to get into that, because if I don't then I have to go through this whole process again... NOOOOOOOOO!!!!
2. I am going to move to California, I need to be on my own, and not in Utah for a little bit, because I think I'm losing perspective on some things. So I'm going to California for a while to work and, in June, retake the LSAT. So, the application process for law school will begin, and will continue while I'm in France, (If I keep saying it like it will happen then it will yeah?) and hopefully, come about a year from now I'll start getting some responses, so by the time I get back from France I'll know where I'm going to go for Law School, and move there.

Okay, so there is still a lot of hoping and unsureness, but at least now its about something instead of nothing.
Anberlin, MAE, Motion City Soundtrack is next week, and I am so excited, I can't even handle it. Its going to be fantastic. I love Anberlin. Love. The end.


wilbur said…
please take me with you!
Bukran said…
Excellent plan. Send us a postcard from Mr. Sarkozy's wonderland...
Aaron said…
CA is exspensive, just so you know. Send your resume out ahead of you, for whatever job. Otherwise you will be destitute. But tax season is coming to I guess that you could always dress as Lady Liberty and wave at cars for Liberty Tax!!
Alexander said…
I hate to sound selfish, but I did a Firefox text search on your blog and my name does not even show up. I thought we chatted every now and then.
Chelsea said…
Have fun at the concert tonight!
Chelsea said…
What even is that?

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